Media Molecule looking for portable programmer, working on LBP2 NGP?

Sony’s NGP reveal gave brief flashes of a LittleBigPlanet game, looking very similar to LBP2, running on the system. Since the developer of the first LBP PSP, Sony Cambridge, is developing Killzone NGP, could the franchise creators themselves be at work on the new portable game?

It could very well be the case, judging by the developer’s website. They’ve updated their jobs page, asking for a graphics programmer to work on that game that is “on a portable platform”. Seeing as Sony own Media Molecule, it’s a good bet that they’re behind LBP NGP.

Joystiq asked developer co-founder Alex Evans about the page, to which he replied: “Well spotted! However, at the moment I’m afraid we’ve got nothing to announce regarding any projects… sorry. We’ll have to leave the world speculating a little longer…”