Metacritic ditches developer ratings for now

Just a short while after we wrote about Metacritic’s new developer rating system, the feature has been pulled from the website.

Originally designed to take individual developers and give them an average rating based on their own games’ Metacritic ratings, several key issues have lead to the site pulling the plug for now. An official statement reads: “Although our credits database is growing, as our users’ feedback has indicated, it is a work in progress and is not nearly as comprehensive as it needs to be to accurately provide a career score for these individuals. As such, we have removed that career score from the pages dedicated to creative individuals behind games on Metacritic. We are still very much committed to building a credits database, and welcome your participation in that process.”

MCV picked out a few glaring omissions before everything was pulled, noting that Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the mind behind Rez and Child of Eden, was missing key titles like Sega Rally and Dreamcast hit Space Channel 5. As we noted yesterday though, we hope that a team-based system is introduced when it goes back up.