Modern Warfare 3 gets its own Xbox

If Star Wars and Gears of War aren’t your thing then Microsoft have yet another custom Xbox 360 for you, this time based around Activision’s Modern Warfare 3.

The new limited edition console was shown off at the Call of Duty XP event last weekend. Both the console and controller are covered in graphics from the game, with a 360GB hard drive and copy of the shooter also thrown in. It even makes cute little Modern Warfare sounds for the on/off and disc switches! Exclusive avatar stuff will be inside, too.

November 8 is when the pack will launch for $399. U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand will sell the system, no word on EU though.

In addition, custom headsets and controllers will go on sale separately. The bluetooth headset costs $69.99 and the controller is $59.99.

So if you really can’t get enough CoD you can now absolutely drown your collection in it.