Roblox vs Minecraft: Which Game Is Best?

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Roblox vs Minecraft – if you’re wondering which game to pick, this is the guide for you! To summarize, these are two massively popular games that have defended the top of the charts in the last decade. If you’re creative, you’ll love either of them because they are both sandbox games, which means players can define their own experience. that’s just about the only similarity though, as otherwise, these games are totally different.

In short, the experience of Roblox is mostly dictated by other players and multiplayer game modes. Minecraft, on the other hand, is more focused on a decent single-player experience created by the original developers, although you can still have excellent player-made and multiplayer experiences.

This article gives an in-depth comparison of Minecraft and Roblox, in the hunt to find out which is the best game once and for all.

If you have little ones and are wondering which is the best and safest for your kids to play, we’ll also answer that question.

Like many other games, if you start playing multiplayer games, you can run into some pesky players, but thankfully, there is such a thing as parental control. 

Minecraft and Roblox Overview

Before getting into the main comparison, let’s look at some key details of these two games.

Minecraft Overview

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  • Year of release = 2011
  • Developer = Mojang (Swedish)
  • Minecraft Age Rating = 7+
  • Multiplayer = Yes

Roblox Overview

Roblox logo
  • Year of release = 2006
  • Developer = Roblox Corporation (California)
  • Roblox Age Rating = 13+
  • Multiplayer = Yes

Roblox vs Minecraft: A Detailed Comparison

Following is a detailed comparison of these two blockbuster hit games!

Gameplay and Graphics

There is a fair amount of similarity between these two games, most notably, they both use an open-ended, sandbox concept rather than being story-driven or linear. This gives an emphasis on creativity and freedom. While this is a similar philosophy to both games, the execution is completely different.

Most notably, Minecraft is more focused on a survival mode experience, whereas Roblox is more geared towards a range of multiplayer game modes.

Minecraft Gameplay and Graphics

Minecraft Gameplay and Graphics
  • Minecraft has a large and deep single-player experience. This could be played as a single standalone game and has a complete single-player system built into it. You can play in the challenging survival mode or the open-ended creative mode. There are two other modes – adventure and hardcore, which are modifications of survival mode.
  • Minecraft isn’t specifically focused on multiplayer games, although there are thousands of minecraft servers which host classic multiplayer modes, like team deathmatch, capture the flag, factions, skyblock, and a huge list that won’t fit here.
lava in minecraft
  • Minecraft can be modded with external tools. You can also get fairly deep with programming in the game, which is a good opportunity for younger players to start learning how to code.
  • Minecrafters can easily create maps and adventures for other players using creative mode. This requires no coding knowledge for the basics, and you can easily learn how to use commands to make a deeper experience. Minecraft can be used for creating games, although they will not be as advanced or deep as the potential creations of Roblox.
  • The stock graphics of Minecraft are stylish, although relatively old-school looking. That said, the graphics can be easily upgraded with resource packs and mods.

Roblox Gameplay and Graphics

Roblox Gameplay and Graphics
  • To be honest, Roblox is more of a self-contained game engine, rather than purely “a game” or a single-player experience.
  • Most games in Roblox revolve around some kind of multiplayer interactive experience. This offers a wider range of custom games but also creates the risk of other players ruining your experience. The vast majority of games are created by random other players in Roblox, although there are some modes that are created by the original Roblox development team, but these are rarely played by other people and have less populated servers than the custom modes.
games in Roblox
  • With Roblox, you can get a much deeper customization experience because it lets you code and script the game’s programming. You can think of Roblox as a blank canvas where you can tweak and color it to create whatever you can imagine; you’ll find an endless supply of mini-games, ranging from shooters to races, strategy games, to social spaces. Because it’s player-driven, you’ll never run out of fun new games and activities to play – that said, if you want to make your own things in Roblox it requires more advanced code knowledge than Minecraft.
  • Users can build more complex custom experiences in vanilla Roblox than in vanilla Minecraft – using Roblox Studio. Although with more modding tools the playing field is more even between the two games. In Roblox, you can create your own games with as much depth as you want – this also means you have the ability to import custom assets and graphics, which aren’t confined to the blocky aesthetics of Minecraft – the Roblox system also lets you monetize your custom creations games which means you can make a decent amount of cash if your game takes off and gets a lot of players.
roblox studio
  • The graphics of Roblox are much smoother and glossier than stock Minecraft. Many people would argue that Roblox has higher fidelity, although the graphics are less stylized and cohesive.

Parental Controls and Age Ratings

Both of these games have different age ratings. In general, Minecraft is rated as being suitable for children aged 7 and above, while Roblox is rated 13+.

Although in reality, it’s more complicated than this, as the multiplayer experiences of both these games mean that children could potentially be exposed to adult themes.

In the online worlds, any type of experience can be created. Both the games have the potential to mix children with adults, which could lead to some bad experiences.

This means that ultimately, the age ratings are subjective, and vary depending on how much freedom your children have to play various game modes and interact with other players.

Both games have parental controls, which means you can restrict the activities of players to limit the modes they can access. In Roblox, each game option is given an age rating, and you can lock down the maximum age which can be accessed in the game. Although, some new game modules don’t get moderated accurately, which means they can bypass this restriction and display inappropriate content.

In the options for Minecraft, you can restrict players to only be able to access multiplayer servers which have been marked as family-friendly. We recommend you take this step with young players to make sure they don’t end up having a nasty experience online!


Minecraft comes at two different price points – this is a one-time buy, so you can play the game forever after you open an account.

The Java edition which runs on Mac and PC will set you back $29.99, or for the Minecraft Bedrock edition- you’ll need to splash out a whopping $19.99.

While you don’t need to worry about any in-app purchases for the Minecraft Java edition, there are a few cheeky extras that can be bought in Bedrock like extra skins and resource packs. Also, some multiplayer servers in both versions will offer unofficial in-app purchases.

Roblox has a different pricing strategy – unlike Minecraft, the base game of Roblox is a free-to-play game, which means that you can play games in Roblox for free – with a huge variety in the number of game modes available too.

However – be advised! Some Roblox games require players to use the in-game currency of Robux to play.

Roblox players won’t necessarily need to spend money on Robux, however, they can give players an advantage in the game One important note! Make sure to keep an eye on your bank statement. If you don’t want your kids busting your bank accounts on Robux, because spending can get out of hand without monitoring.


In terms of popularity, both Minecraft and Roblox have gained a huge amount of players over the years, and still have millions of monthly users despite being over a decade old.

Overall, Roblox does have a larger player base than Minecraft – probably due to the game being free to play. However, there are still more Minecraft players than you could even run out of, so ultimately there isn’t much difference in this field. Also, they both have largely the same demographics, being geared toward a younger generation of players.

Final Verdict: Minecraft Wins

Ultimately both of these games can be mega entertaining.

We recommend that you have a play on both of these old but gold games, no matter how experienced you are in the joyful world of video games

For blockheads of all ages, Minecraft and Roblox let players get loose with their imagination, creating worlds, games, maps, and adventures for others, which is a great way to improve their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

It’s also a great opportunity for players to practice coding and programming. The core takeaway is that Roblox offers a more detailed and advanced coding system, but Minecraft is more user-friendly and easier to understand for noobies.

If you’re looking for a game that can be played solo then we think Minecraft by far the better computer video game to pick – you can play Minecraft alone for literally years before you run out of things to do. It’s widely known as one of the best games ever made due to the variety of solo-play options – it is a sandbox game after all. It also has a great Multiplayer experience.

Roblox has a wide variety of games, although these largely depend on the quality of the multiplayer servers – and the other players you’re playing with.

If we had to recommend one, we’d stick with Minecraft. It has a deeper and more compelling single-player experience, while also competing with Roblox’s freedom, variety, and customizability.

FAQs About Roblox VS Minecraft

Which is Safer Minecraft or Roblox?

Minecraft is far safer than Roblox, particularly for children. Not only is the single-player mode much deeper and more entertaining than Roblox, the Multiplay interactions are more restricted, meaning that there is less chance of nasty things happening. That said, Minecraft is not 100% safe when you consider the multiplayer servers, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your children’s activities.

Is Roblox OK for a 5-Year-Old?

Roblox is rated as having a 13+ age recommendation. This is partially due to the prevalence of adult themes in multiplayer game modes, which is hard to censor or restrict without parental controls.

Yes, Roblox is more popular than Minecraft and has a higher number of total and monthly players – most likely because Roblox is free. That said, Minecraft still has an enormous player base which means you won’t have any trouble making new friends there too!