Rumor: Killzone 3 out in May 2011, will feature two and four player co-op

Killzone 3 has been official for less then a week, but the hype train is already well underway. So far, we’ve learned that the game will feature PlayStation Move support & 3D effects, Naughty Dog is lending a helping hand, and most importantly, there will be jetpacks. That all sounds great, but there’s been question if it would actually be out this year.

That’s looking less likely, as CVG cites an unnamed source within Sony that Guerrilla is targeting a May 2011 release. Also, the game’s main campaign will reportedly feature two player online co-op as well as a objective-based mode featuring four player co-op.

Killzone 3 is already collecting a very long list of bullet points, but there’s one that sticks out to me more then the rest: jetpacks. As someone who has played more Tribes then he’d like to admit, I see jetpacks as one of the more underutilized tools in all of gaming, and if Killzone 3 nails the sweet science of proper jetpack usage, we could be looking at a real home run.