Section 8: Prejudice is crazy low priced, going digital

Section 8: Prejudice is set to light the internet ablaze today with an announcement that the game, sequel to the original Section 8, will be sold digitally on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 for just $14.99. This isn’t a knock off version like the ‘Couch’ purse you got your girlfriend for her birthday either, this is the full fledged videogame and it’s ready to burn into your face come 2011.

The sci-fi themed FPS is said to deliver only 5 hours of single-player content but will make up for that with the Swarm mode – 4-player co-op similar to Hoarde/Firefight – as well as multiple game modes, Dynamic Combat Missions, 50+ customizable weapons, tools and upgrades galore. Not only that, but all of that content will be available offline and will include bot support.

Let the bot massacre begin.