Slowest Pokémon: Who Tops the List?

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

A Pokémon’s stats, such as attack, HP, defense, and speed, determine its performance in battle. Typically, when one stat is low, the Pokémon has other higher stats that make up for it. For example, the Pokémon Blissey has abysmally low attack and defense stats at 10 each, but its base HP is a whopping 255.

In this list, we’re focusing on the speed stat. A Pokémon’s speed determines how quickly it attacks during battles, and the Pokémon with the highest speed gets to use its move first. Who are the slowest Pokémon, and do they have any redeeming qualities that make them worthy of a spot on your team?

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Top 25 Slowest Pokémon Ranked

We’ve ranked the 25 slowest Pokémon, but some have surprising stats that make them a worthwhile addition to your team. Let’s dive into this (slow) race to the bottom.

25. Wurmple

Wurmple may be one of the fastest Pokémon on this list, but it has one of the lowest base speed stats in the franchise at 20. The Worm Pokémon made its debut in Ruby/Sapphire, and its evolution is random. Wurmple can either turn into Silcoon or Cascoon.

According to the Pokédex, the database that holds information about all Pokémon, Wurmple uses the spikes on its rear end to peel bark off of trees and eat the sap. It’s a natural prey for Swellow, a common bird Pokémon, but can defend itself with its poisonous spikes. Wurmple is mostly useless in battle, so you’ll want to involve it as fast as possible.

24. Slugma

Slugma is a lava Pokémon—literally. Slugma’s body is entirely magma, and it has to slither around its volcanic habitat or its body will cool and harden. Slugma moves like oozing lava, and it’s agonizingly slow.

Despite its lack of speed, Slugma can dole out a decent amount of damage with special attacks, such as Lava Plume and Flamethrower.

23. Togepi

A cute Pokémon that gained popularity from the animated series, Togepi graces our list as one of the slowest Pokémon. The Pokédex reveals that Togepi stores happiness and other positive emotions in its shell and shares it with anyone who has a kind heart.

While Togepi isn’t very practical in battle, it can eventually turn into Togekiss, which is an exceptionally capable Fairy/Flying Pokémon that can make a great addition to your team.

22. Sentret

Sentret, the Scout Pokémon, is very cautious and stands up on its large tail to survey the area. If it senses trouble, Sentret screeches a warning to its friends. If you choose not to evolve Sentret, it will eventually learn the move Hyper Voice, which deals special attack damage to all enemies in battle.

While Sentret is super slow, its evolved form, Furret, is a speedy Pokémon that can learn Psychic moves like Rest and Amnesia.

21. Geodude

When Geodude sleep, they look exactly like rocks in appearance. Geodude has a base speed stat of 20, but its defense is 100, which is remarkably high for a first-stage Pokémon. It evolves into Graveler, which in turn evolves into Golem, and both Pokémon have strong defense and physical attack stats, but neither are much faster.

20. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff is another well-known Fairy Pokémon, famous for its lullaby, which causes foes to drift off into a deep sleep. With a base HP state of 115, Jigglypuff is surprisingly sturdy.

Despite being a slow Pokémon, Jigglypuff can use the ability Sing in battles to make enemies fall asleep for a few turns, leaving your team open to do damage to them without retribution.

19. Pincurchin

The electric sea urchin Pokémon Pincurchin is covered in spikes that shock predators as a defense mechanism, perhaps compensating for having a speed stat of merely 15. The Pokémon is also tiny, weighing 2.2 lbs and sitting at a height of 1 ft.

Pincurchin doesn’t evolve, and its stats aren’t great compared to other electric Pokémon, so unless you want a cute pin cushion in your party, it might be best to leave it in the ocean.

18. Sandygast

Sandygast is a generation VII Ghost/Ground type Pokémon with a slightly spooky origin story. Apparently, Sandygasts are born when someone leaves behind a sandcastle on the beach and the grudges of departed souls possess the forgotten sand. It loves the shovel on its head and will replace it with another item if it gets lost.

Sandygast can also possess people who put their hand in its gaping mouth, forcing them to add more sand to its body so it can grow larger. Sandygast might be slow and have weak statistics overall, but it’s an absolutely disturbing Pokémon.

17. Morelull

Morelull is a glowing mushroom Pokémon that tends to stay in a group with other Morelull, and it uses its roots like feet to move around. It’s a weak and slow Pokémon that sleeps during the day, absorbing food and energy from nearby tree roots. Other forest Pokémon eat the mushroom cap on Morelull’s head, but it grows back overnight.

While Morelull’s strength and speed leave much to be desired, it can learn a powerful Psychic move Dream Eater. The ability inflicts massive damage on a sleeping enemy and replenishes the health of Morelull.

16. Foongus

Foongus is another slow mushroom Pokémon with 15 speed and nothing much to make up for it. It waits in grassy areas to lure people in with its head that looks exactly like a Pokéball, then releases poisonous spores to scare away anyone trying to catch them.

Foongus evolves into Amoongus, and their names are a play on the phrase “a fungus among us.”

15. Roggenrola

Roggenrola is the baby version of Gigalith, a fierce-looking Rock Pokémon that’s also one of the slowest Pokémon in the games. The Pokédex says Roggenrola has a body as hard as steel, and the golden hexagonal shape on its body is actually its ear.

While Roggenrola wouldn’t help much in a fight, its final evolution might be worth the effort it takes to evolve it. Roggenrola evolves into Boldore at level 25, but you have to trade Boldore to another player to transform it into Gigalith.

14. Silcoon & Cascoon

Silcoon and Cascoon both evolve from Wurmple and can only use one move: Harden, which boosts its defense stat.

The Pokémon remain in their cocoons, enduring attacks while they wait to turn into Beautifly or Dustox. Silcoon lives in tree branches, drinking rainwater that collects on its silk. Cascoon uses large leaves to camouflage its body, patiently weathering damage from enemies they will never forget.

It’s not surprising these Pokémon only have 15 speed when they don’t even have feet.

13. Pineco

Pineco is a bug Pokémon that has the same speed as Silcoon and Cascoon. The Pokémon hangs from tree branches to capture flying prey and uses tree bark to protect its body. Although most would never wonder this, Pineco’s favorite food is Cutiefly.

The evolution of Pineco is Forretress, a mediocre Pokémon with only slightly better speed.

12. Wooper

With external gills on its head similar to an axolotl, Wooper is a very slow Water/Ground Pokémon. It typically stays in the water, but it sometimes goes to shore in search of food. While it’s on land, Wooper’s body is covered in toxic mucous for protection.

At level 20, Wooper evolves into the care-free Quagsire, a hardy Pokémon that can add some bulk to your team.

11. Igglybuff

Igglybuff is the first evolution stage of Jigglypuff. Its speed is only 15, earning its place on our list of the slowest Pokémon. Wanting to be like Jigglypuff, Igglybuff constantly practices singing, even in its dreams. Despite having feet, Igglybuff moves around by bouncing because its body is so soft and light.

If you want to turn Igglybuff into Jigglypuff, you have to battle with it or give it items to achieve a high friendship level.

10. Cleffa

Cleffa is a generation II Fairy Pokémon with a speed stat of 15. It can eventually become the rare Pokémon Clefable, but Cleffa is very weak in its current form. When you get high enough friendship with Cleffa, it evolves into Clefairy.

Cleffa is star-shaped and supposedly arrived on the planet on shooting stars in the past. During meteor showers, Cleffa gather and dance in circles until dawn.

9. Slowpoke

Staying true to its name, Slowpoke is one of the slowest Pokémon on our list. Despite how slow it is, Slowpoke is skilled at fishing with its tail. However, Slowpoke is also a little slow in the head and often forgets to pay attention when something bites its tail.

Slowpoke is a unique combination of Water and Psychic and has a decent HP stat, but its evolutions Slowbro and Slowking would be better additions to your team.

8. Stakataka

An Ultra Beast introduced in generation VII, Stakataka appears to be a huge stack of stones. Each stone is actually a single life-form that combines with the others to create this strange Pokémon. Although massive, Stakataka’s speed stat is a measly 13, with a maximum speed stat of 137.

Stakataka has an extraordinary defense stat at 384 and has powerful abilities that can do a lot of damage. Even with the slow speed, this Pokémon isn’t falling in battle any time soon.

7. Gossifleur

The flower Pokémon Gossifleur came along in generation VIII and clocks in at a speed of 10. It spends its time in fields, singing and dancing while absorbing the sunlight. While Gossifleur has little effectiveness on the field of battle, its evolution Eldegloss has some impressive moves.

6. Ferroseed

This Grass/Steel Pokémon doesn’t have a mouth but can stick its spikes into cave walls to absorb minerals from the rocks. If Ferroseed can sense danger, it shoots its deadly spikes while rolling away.

Ferroseed takes 40 levels to evolve into Ferrothorn, but its new form gives a significant boost in defense and attack. However, its speed only changes from 10 to 20.

5. Bonsly

Bonsly, a generation IV Rock Pokémon, resembles a bonsai tree and always looks like it’s crying. In reality, the Pokémon prefers dry environments and leaks water from its eyes to moderate its fluid levels.

After it learns the move Mimic, it evolves into Sudowoodo, a bulky physical attacker.

4. Trapinch

Trapinch is a Ground Pokémon that debuted in generation III. It has a powerful bite thanks to its mouth that looks like a steel trap. Trapinch builds a pit in the sand, waiting for something to fall in. It can go a week without eating. With its lack of movement, it’s no wonder it only has a speed of 10.

3. Pyukumuku

Pyukumuku lives in the shallows of the sea and can spit out its internal organs into the shape of a fist to fight attackers. Its speed is only 5, the slowest a Pokémon can possibly be, but its defense is shockingly high.

2. Munchlax

Munchlax will eat anything, no matter what it is or how it tastes. It hides food in its hair so it always has access to it but sometimes forgets it’s there. With those eating habits, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Munchlax is extremely slow. However, it has a lot of HP and can become Snorlax, a Pokémon that’s even harder to take down.

1. Shuckle

The slowest Pokémon on our list is Shuckle, which has terrible HP, attack, special attack, and speed, but astonishingly strong defense and special defense. Like snails, Shuckle hides under rocks. It keeps berries in its shell, which eventually decompose into juice.

Despite its amazing defense, Shuckle barely does any damage, which means it’s best left in your Pokémon computer storage, where it can drink rancid berry juice to its heart’s content.

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That wraps up our list of the slowest Pokémon! Hopefully, you’ve learned some interesting tips and trivia to enhance your journey to becoming a Pokémon master.

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