Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator won’t cost you a kidney

I don’t know what is up with games lately but bags of gore are definitely on the menu. Actually, it’s exactly what other things are on the menu that’s been some cause for concern, I’ve covered two titles in the last month that center around eating people. Cannibalism aside we’re looking at the entirely ethically sound business of organ trading today. It genuinely feels like I’ve fallen down some nightmarish rabbit hole. Well, I suppose you lot are getting a kick out of all of this, so my feeling increasingly weirded out and uncomfortable is probably worth it. The game is Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator and it definitely looked like it was worth a mention.

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, is now available for those discerning, US living, Switch owners amongst you that crave the ability to trade in body parts. You can find this title over on the Nintendo eShop at a fairly reasonable price of $19.99. If you really feel like this is something that can only be in your collection if it’s sitting in a box on a shelf you’re also in luck. Devs Strange Scaffold is partnering with Serenity Forge to create a physical release of the game and for you audio nuts out there a 2-record vinyl soundtrack release. Those are all fabulous words and there’s nothing not to love about any of them.

As you may or may not have guessed by now, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator is a story-centric marketing game that revolves around the sale of body parts and plying your fleshy wares to a strange and evolving universe of clients. As with any type of broker you’ll have to monitor market trends, fulfill client requests and create a sentient deity made entirely out of meat that will one day absorb all life. All in a hard day’s work, right?

The Nintendo Switch release of Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator will be giving you a decent amount of content for your hard-earned buck. Aside from the full game, (obviously,) you’ll get the HARVESTER update which added the first round of new quests along with PC modding support, and a second expansion featuring new storylines and game endings, with additional writing from the co-writer of Infernax.

So what about those physical goodies I mentioned earlier? Well if you head over to the Serenity Forge website, you’ll be able to pre-order a physical copy of Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator in advance of this year’s Autumn release. It’s coming in at around $34.99 for those of you saving your pocket money. The 2 disc vinyl format of the soundtrack can also be pre-ordered from Serenity Forge. Music fans amongst you can expect a Winter release, so you’ll have it just in time for Christmas if you’re looking for present ideas, for yourself, obviously.

Lastly, you can expect some interesting post-launch updates. The cool thing about these is that they will include cross-over content from the universe of games such as Inscryption, Bugsnax, and Among Us. We love it when a world expands beyond its own boundaries so this is always something really exciting to see.

If all of this isn’t convincing you, or you just want a little bit more info before you part with your hard-earned buck I’ll leave you with a gameplay overview. If you don’t think you need any more encouragement to take on a career in organ harvesting you know exactly where you need to go to acquire your copy of the game; be it in physical or digital form.