Spies-vs-mercs DLC for Conviction a possibility

Ubisoft game director Patrick Redding has suggested that the Splinter Cell series’ trademark spies-vs-mercs multiplayer mode may make it into Splinter Cell: Conviction yet. While he ‘lacks the imagination’ to immediately see how it would tie into Conviction‘s reimagined gameplay, Redding hinted to VGD that there may be a chance of Ubisoft exploring the possibility in the future, through downloadable content.

“I think it was a good move, a smart move on our part, to play to our strengths,” he said, “especially on the first implementation of this, to try to come up with a multiplayer mode that really works well with those gameplay pillars, those gameplay mechanics of [Mark & Execute, Last Known Position] and the rest, and then once we see how that works then there’s all sorts of interesting possibilities, then we can really assess and say ‘OK, now, assuming we wanted to go down that avenue what would it look like?'”

“But I think if we tried to go out the gates with it, I just think right now those same players that were mad it hadn’t been included would be cursing our names for trying to make it work and failing!”

When asked directly if the mode would be forthcoming, Redding said add-on content is “a huge can of worms that I’m not going to try and launch into now.”

“We’re going to introduce some interesting stuff with DLC, but I think that in the bigger picture we’re always going to be looking to find ways to expand on the ideas in co-op and multiplayer, because I really feel like that’s becoming our core group, our core audience.”