Starhawk has space environments, no PS Move support

Developer Lightbox’s president Dylan Jobe has outed a few more details about Starhawk in his responses to fans on the PS Blog.

First off, while the gameplay we’ve seen so far can be described as very much.. down to earth, there will be space environments in the game. They’re being kept under wraps for now of course, but supposedly it’s some “tasty stuff” to look forward to, as Jobe puts it.

Harvard Bonin, senior producer at SCEA, has separately confirmed that there will indeed be “big, epic space battles in and around planets and space stations and you can build in space too.”

In addition, there are “a variety of cool environments” yet to be seen as well, Jobe assures.

Fans of motion control may be bummed out though as the game will not be making use of Sony’s PlayStation Move peripheral. In an effort to remove the band-aid quickly, Jobe simply stated: “Starhawk does not support the PS Move, sorry man.”

Starhawk ships sometime in 2012 with a beta to be had before.