Best Astrologer Build Elden Ring: Ultimate Guide for Every Stage

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Magic is a lot of fun to use in Elden Ring. while every starting class can eventually do magic. To be a pure magic user from the get-go, the best class to go with is the astrologer class. But like a lot of things in Elden Ring, there is a good way to build your character and a poor way to do it.

In the starting areas of the game, the starting gear you get as an astrologer isn’t the worst, and can last you a good part in the game. But ideally, you will want to pick up the Meteorite staff and the rock sling spell.

In the midgame, the high damage spells Night Maiden’s Mist and replace the astrologer’s staff with either the Carian Royal Staff or Lustat Staff are some of the things that you want to have. By the later stages game there are a few choice spells to equip to really excel as an astrologer.

In this article, we will look at the best Elden Ring Astrologer build for the early, mid, and late game.

The Astrologer Class – Cast Spells Like A Boss

While all the starting classes in Elden have the ability to use magic, the astrologer class is the best starting class. You start at level six with the majority of points in intelligence and mind (the primary stats for magic users).

You will also have the following starting equipment:

  1. Glintstone Pebble – A basic but great spell
  2. Glintstone Arc – On paper, this seems like a good spell, but you are very dependent on your positioning and enemy for it to be truly good.
  3. Short Sword – A normal short sword
  4. Astrologer’s Staff – A basic staff with decent intelligence scaling.
  5. Scripture Wooden Shield – A standard small shield with parry.
  6. You will also have the full set of Astrologer amour.

The starting stats are:

  • Rune Level 6
  • Vigor 9
  • Mind 15
  • Endurance 9
  • Strength 8
  • Dexterity 12
  • Intelligence 16
  • Faith 7
  • Arcane 9

Early Game Astrologer Class Build – Limgrave, and Liurena (levels 6-30)

This is from when you have just come out of the tutorial area and into the lands between at Limgrave. This build will see you through around three of the major bosses in Elden Ring as well as plenty of the smaller ones dotted around the map.

Equipment and Spells:

In the early game, you are limited in what spells you will be able to use due to level restrictions. Thankfully, as an astrologer, you already start with fairly decent spells in the form of glintstone pebble and glintstone arc.

In the beginning of the game, the new equipment you want to focus on getting are:

  1. Meteorite staff:  A staff with S sorcery scaling from the beginning and useable for a decent amount of time(not upgradable)
  2. Spell: Rock-sling: A spell that hurls three rocks at your locked target
  3. Terra Magica: a spell that increases the damage of magic while you are standing in its area.

The first two of these are in Caelid (without having to fight any bosses). The staff is in the southwestern building of the Street of Sages Ruins on a corpse in a poison flower room. While the rock sling is in the underground area in the north of the same ruins, inside a chest.

Terra magica, on the other hand, can be found in the academy’s crystal mines. You will need to defeat two Crystallin enemies, but with the rock sling and the meteor staff, it is a breeze.

Optionally, it can be worth picking up the Carian Slicer spell, if you are planning on not using any melee weapons at all.

If you plan on using spirit ashes, you want to use some that keep enemies harassed up close while you fire off spells from a distance. The lone wolves are perfect for this.

Your Flask of Wondrous Physick at this stage can be Crimson Crystal Tear or Cerulean Crystal Tear (from the tree avatar in Liurnia of the Lakes) and Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear (from the same boss as the crystal tear).


The early game is about level 30, for stats, you want to focus on vitality first to give you survivability. You should have this at least above 20 ( more is always better, but this should be a minimum).

The next important stat to level up is intelligence, as this is what increases the spell damage and the ability to use certain spells (even if you have increased it, you should still try to increase it as most of the mid game equipment needs 40+ levels). Though out your playthrough your goal is to have as high intelligence as possible.

After intelligence, it will be worth putting levels in mind to increase your FP. This will allow you to use more spells before needing to take a cerulean flask.


The biggest challenge as an astrologer you will have in the early areas in the game will be Rennala’s boss fight, as she has high magic damage resistance (sorcery damage). For the first stage of her fight, it is advisable to focus on just melee, as it will be quicker to take out her minions. In the second stage, fire off some rocks while dodging her attacks as the spell deals physical damage. This will make short work of her.

Mid Game Astrologer Class Build – Caelid, Altus Plateau and Leyendel (level 30-65)

At this stage of the game, you will be heading towards the Royal Capital. On the Altus Plateau there are a lot of tough enemies, including a Draconian Tree Sentinel in front of the gates that you have to kill. Here you can ditch the astrologer’s staff, glintstone arc and glintstone pebble spells for something with a bit more oomph.

Equipment and Spells

Now that you have leveled up quite a bit, you will have some more freedom in the spells you can use. However, some of your early game spells are still useful.

The equipment you will be looking at having equipped are:

  1. Rock sling – Still great at this stage
  2. Terra Magica – It is always going to be useful 
  3. Night Maidens Mist – An AOE damage over time spell
  4. Renalla’s Full Moon – a slow moving moon which lowers the target’s magic damage resistance and deals a fair bit of damage.
  5. Comet Azur – An energy beam which lasts for as long as your FP does (can one shot enemies when used correctly).
  6. Graven school talisman or graven mass talisman – for increase spell damage output
  7. Any Intelligence/damage boosting armor sets- Examples include Lusat’s Glintstone Crown, Twinsage Glintstone Crown, and Alberich’s set
  8. Carrian Royal Staff or Lustat’s Staff – the two best weapons got an astrologer.

Note: The reason there is a choice of two staffs is because they are both top tier but Lustat’s staff has the drawback of your spells costing you more FP than normal.

The new spells can be found relatively easily. Night maiden’s mist is tied to Gowery’s quest (past killing Commander O’Neil). Lustat’s staff is close to this as it is a reward for killing the night maidens in Selia Under the Stars, which is the town next to Gowery

The full moon and Carrian royal staff are from the remembrance of the full moon (remember to duplicate them at a ringing mausoleum first to get both).  Finally, Comet Azur is found on the body of Sorcerer Azur in Mt. Glimir. 

If you plan on using spirit ashes, you want a good damage dealer like the Black Knife Assassin Tiche or the Mimic Tear (note, you might want to equip some heavy armor before summoning the mimic tear to help it last a while).

Your Flask of Wondrous Physick at this stage can be Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear and Cerulean Hidden Tear (found on the putrid tree avatar in Mt Glimir).


At this stage, you will want to have at least 30 levels in Vitality (unless you are an experienced player and just to prevent you from being one-shotted) Other than that, your focus needs to be on getting your intelligence to over 50 to use the equipment and spells added above.

It’s worth noting: You can use talismans and some armor to increase intelligence.

Late Game Astrologer Class Build – The Mountaintop Of Giants And Beyond (level 65+)

As you head into the later parts of the game and toughest areas of the game, there are some new powerful spells worth having equipped as you head into the fray. Mostly, your goals for leveling are the same, though.

Equipment and Spells

elden ring, Equipment and Spells

Now that you have leveled up quite a bit, you will have some more freedom in the spells you can use. However, some of your early game spells are still useful.

The equipment you will be looking at having equipped are:

  1. Rock sling – Still great at this stage due to its physical damage (honestly you could use this spell for the entire game)
  2. Terra Magica – It is always going to be useful 
  3. Ranni’s Full Moon – a buffed version of the full moon spell which also deals frost damage (so ideal to use with the Snow Witch set).
  4. Comet Azur – An energy beam which lasts for as long as your FP does.
  5. Loretta’s great bow – a high damage spell with great range.
  6. Adula’s Moonblade – a boosted version of Carrian Slicer.
  7. Intelligence/damage boosting armor 
  8. Lustat’s Staff – the cost is more beneficial as your mind stat increases so it is the better choice at the end of the game.

Two of the new powerful spells and the snow witch set are both tied to Ranni’s quest, as you get them in the Moonlight Alter. Adula’s moon blade is a boss drop from the dragon guarding the cathedral, while the dark moon is in a chest at the top of the challenge tower in the area. They are both powerful sorceries and perfect of the later stages of the game.

The other spell, Loretta’s great bow is a reward for killing Loretta in Haligingtree.

Your spirit ashes can stay the same for the part, just use whichever one is suited to the situation.

Your Flask of Wondrous Physick can stay the same, as the reduced FP costs can trivialize most later bosses when used for Comet Azur.


For the End game your main focus needs to be intelligence to help deal damage as possible with your spells. Next will be mind just to give you extra FP with Lustat’s staff so you can cast more spells. Finally Vigor, but at this stage you will be a glass cannon regardless. 

Important Tip

No matter what stage you are in the game you must remember to upgrade your weapons and spirit ashes otherwise you will have a very bad time. Also it might be worth investing in some secondary stats if you find equipment that you want to give a go.

Memory Stones

memory stones

In order to increase the number of spells you have equipped, you will want to go and track down Memory stones. There are eight to collect, and most can be picked up in the early game.


  • One is in a chest at the top of the challenge tower Oridys’s Rise in Weeping Peninsula.
  • One is in a chest on the top floor of the Converted Tower in western Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • One is dropped by the Red Wolf of Radagon at Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Found in a chest at the top floor of the challenge tower Testu’s Rise in northern Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • One is in a chest on the top floor of Seluvis’s Rise in the Three Sisters sub-region.
  • One is dropped by Demi-Human Queen Maggie, in the northeast of Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir. 
  • One is in the chest at the top floor of Lenne’s Rise in eastern Caelid.
  • One can be bought from the twin maiden husks in the Roundtable Hold for 3000 runes.

Note: The Moon of Nokstella talisman also increases memory slots

Final Thoughts

A key part in any astrologer class build is how you level up your stats and how you play. Increased intelligence and maintaining a Safe distance to cast spells are key to your survival and the main way to make it the optimal playstyle. The main spells you will want to have are the Comet Azur with Terra Magica as together it will deal insane amounts of damage trivializing many tough fights.