39 Best Minecraft YouTubers: From Build Guides to Speedruns

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Minecraft is the most purchased, and most watched, game of all time, and for good reason – it’s a fantastic game!

So it comes as no surprise that the Minecraft YouTube community is huge. There are thousands of Minecraft YouTube channels – and it can be hard to separate the diamonds from the dirt.

If you’re looking for a new source of YouTube videos, then finding a cool new YouTube channel is the best way to go. There are so many personalities in the Minecraft community, so start digging through this list and you’ll be guaranteed to find somebody new to watch.

Whether you want build guides, let’s play, speedrunning, or just good old Minecraft banter, this list has it all!

The 39 Best Minecraft YouTubers: Our Exclusive List!

Here is the list of the top Minecraft YouTubers. While some of these may have moved on from Minecraft, at one time that was their main game – and you’ll still be able to watch all their classic Minecraft content.

Note, the ‘Top Video’ for each channel is a link to their most popular video which is about Minecraft. We left out videos that weren’t related to Minecraft.

1) Mikecrack

1. Mikecrack, minecraft youtubers

At the top of this list, due to having the largest subscriber count, is Mikecrack. This Spanish Minecraft YouTube channel is the perfect place for Spanish-speaking block lovers to find new Minecraft videos to enjoy.

With over 37 million subscribers, Mikecrack creates videos that are a lot of fun to watch. From funny Minecraft animations and wacky Minecraft mods to exciting and clever videos of Mike and his friends playing Minecraft – this channel has all kinds of Minecraft content.

The videos are in Spanish, so it’s not going to work for everyone, but if you’re a Spanish-speaking Minecraft fan, Mikecrack is one to watch!

2) Techno Gamerz

2. Techno Gamerz, minecraft youtubers

The second largest Minecraft content creator is Techno Gamerz. This Indian-speaking channel is full of funny and creative Minecraft videos for those Indian speakers out there. Other than Minecraft, Techno Gamerz has a bunch of other gaming videos, including GTA 6, Among Us, and other popular games. He posts videos almost every day, and while he isn’t making much Minecraft content these days, his current videos are still top-notch (if you speak Indian).

3) MrBeast Gaming

3. MrBeast Gaming, minecraft youtubers

Now, at the top of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers in the English-speaking realms, we have the king of YouTube – MrBeast. Or at least, MrBeast’s gaming channel.

MrBeast’s main channel has 148 million subscribers! Wow! That’s almost half the population of the United States… While his main channel is full of all kinds of videos, MrBeast’s gaming channel is still one of the biggest Minecraft channels out there.

On his gaming channel, there are a bunch of cool Minecraft videos. He has some really cool ideas, and often he plays with other Minecraft YouTubers

4) Dream

4. Dream, minecraft youtubers

Dream is easily one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers out there, and has recently become even more of a meme after his long-awaited face reveal. He ran his channel for nearly 10 years (since 2014) without ever showing his face, which was quite a feat.

Regardless of any widespread facial recognition, Dream is an American Minecraft creator who has made basically every type of Minecraft video you can imagine. he shot to popularity in 2019, after his Manhunt series, and his Minecraft speedruns. Although, he was shamed by the obsessively honorable Minecraft speedrunning community after he got caught cheating!

Either way, you should check out some of his Minecraft videos, they are super entertaining. His Minecraft PE videos (pocket edition) are some of the more niche, but entertaining cuts.

5) DanTDM

5. DanTDM, minecraft youtubers

DanTDM is also one of the largest and most famous Minecraft YouTubers in the scene, and has been active since 2012. His wholesome YouTube channel focuses mostly on Minecraft, although he does his fair share of variety gaming too.

Some of his most popular videos revolve around the nail-biting Minecraft hardcore mode – where you only have one life, and your world gets deleted when you die. so you can imagine that this is a fun and tense concept to watch.

He’s also done some classic Minecraft survival mode videos over the years, which you should definitely check out if you want some hilarious and epic Minecraft adventures.

6) Jelly

6. Jelly, minecraft youtubers

Jelly is easily one of the most cherished Minecraft creators out there – he has a super funny channel if you just want to watch someone play Minecraft and have a laugh. His channel is also marked as child-friendly, so you can be guaranteed not to hear any rude words or adult themes!

Jelly has done some super creative minecraft videos where he really pushes the format in terms of funny and cool ideas. Some of the best ideas include ‘Siri helped me to play Miencraft’ and ‘Playing Miencraft on one jelly block’. Check them out!

7) SSundee

7. SSundee

SSundee is an American YouTuber with a penchant for witty and exciting Minecraft videos. This cobblestone-obsessed creator has made some classic videos and has played a lot with other famous Minecraft players.

He plays a bunch of other different games too, which are also worth watching. Some random facts about him – he’s tone-deaf, and was in the Air Force for 6 years! He’s

He’s recently been playing the insane craft mod pack, which is a fun series to watch.

8) Authentic games

8. Authentic games

Authentic Games is another popular Spanish YouTuber, with a huge amount of Minecraft content. He describes himself as one of Spain’s biggest Minecraft lovers and has been kicking out Minecraft tutorials and content for years.

He doesn’t do much other gaming content other than Minecraft, but if you’re a fan of the classic blocky game, and speak Spanish, you’ll have a great time on Authentic Games’s channel!

9) PopularMMOs

Popular MMOs is another titan in the YouTube Minecraft world and has been creating Minecraft vids ever since the official release. With over 4000 videos, you’ll never run out of his content! Sadly he hasn’t released a video in over a year due to getting married and moving on with his life, but you can still watch all of his classic hits.

His most-watched video was a classic back in the day, 9 years ago when it was released. In this explosive video, he demonstrates a Minecraft TNT mod, that gives you 35 new types of dynamite… BOOM!

10) Technoblade

10. Technoblade

A live streamer and YouTube creator, Technoblade is a cherished personality in the gaming video community. Not only is he a highly proficient Minecraft builder, but he’s also an imaginative and entertaining video creator.

His channel has a bunch of different video types, including playing adventure Minecraft maps, trolling the Hypixel Minecraft server, or pushing modded Minecraft to the limits.

11) PrestonPlayz

11. PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz is a banterous and high-energy YouTuber who has created a lot of Minecraft content over the years. In recent years, his Minecraft TikToks have really propelled him into the limelight. He still releases minecraft videos every couple of days and also explores the lore and history of the game which is a nice touch.

Some of his funniest videos are his Minecraft pranks, where he plays tricks on his friends in his Minecraft servers – these are a great source of inspiration to troll your Minecraft friends!

12) TommyInnit

12. TommyInnit

By far one of the youngest creators on this list, TommyInnit is a British YouTuber who mostly uploads videos that are Minecraft related these days. If you are into childish British humor, then TommyInnit will quickly become one of your favorite Minecraft channels.

He creates a wide range of Minecraft content, including exploring mods, mucking around with other YouTubers, and reacting to other funny Minecraft videos.

13) CaptainSparklez

13. CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is a Minecraft creator who has been around since the early days of the game. He’s been making videos since before the official release, even playing the alpha and beta – so you know that he’s mastered the talent of creating entertaining minecraft videos.

He has a wide range of Minecraft series, including SMP, skyblock, mods, death swap, and data pack challenges. If you’re looking for a Minecraft Youtuber who explores every corner of Minecraft’s blocky universe, then CaptainSparklez is one to watch!

14) UnspeakableGaming

Unspeakable Gaming is a channel run by James and Gabe, a cracking pair of lads with some top banter and great ideas for making funny Minecraft videos. While they’ve moved away from Minecraft content in recent years, some of their early videos were true classics, and we really recommend you dig back through their archives.

15) TeamMojang

15. TeamMojang

The TeamMojang channel is the official YouTube channel of the Minecraft developers – Mojang. This is the hub of all official Minecraft news and updates. If ever you want to find out exactly what is going on in the game, and what is coming next, then this is the channel to watch.

It also has a bunch of other fun Minecraft-related videos – where they dive deep into the lore of Minecraft, and explain the world, mobs, and history of the game. This channel really crystalizes the excitement and versatility of this iconic game. If you want to find out all the hidden secrets and beautiful history of the game, then you have to check out this channel. Here is one example – Things you didn’t know about Minecraft

16) stampylonghead

This mop-haired YouTuber is another long-standing favorite in the community. This popular Minecraft YouTuber is well known for his witty antics and griping, long Minecraft series. He’s a big lover of Minecraft on Xbox and is one of the biggest creators in the Xbox corner of the Minecraft world.

17) GeorgeNotFound

17. GeorgeNotFound

GeorgeNotFound is another MineTuber who plays Minecraft on his Twitch channel and does a bunch of other content – not everything Minecraft related, as he plays a lot of other games too. He’s known for his fun and wacky Minecraft challenges, including speedrunning and Minecraft Manhunt.

18) Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo is an active Minecraft creator with over 2000 videos. He has a bunch of different series, including his current HermitCraft survival, which has over 200 episodes, and the Last Life Hardcore mode – which is full of heart-pounding, nail biting moments for sure.

That said, his specialism is in Minecraft’s technical elements, where he has a bunch of tutorials showing you the complexity, possibilities, and science of redstone in Minecraft. These are a great way to improve your redstone skills and get a better understanding of how you can use this advanced element in Minecraft to create exciting new contraptions.

19) Grian

Grian is a fun MineTuber who has a bunch of videos in different areas of the game. Mostly, he can be found building houses and making build-a-long tutorials to help you create some cool designs in Minecraft.

He is also a big fan of the Hermitcraft mod, where he has done a long series exploring this type of survival mode.

20) UnspeakablePlays

UnspeakablePlays is a spin-off channel of Unspeakable Gaming, which is higher up in this list. On this sub-channel, you can expect much of the same banterous Minecraft content, as well as videos covering Roblox and other games. You can find a bunch of Minecraft challenge videos on this channel too, which are a lot of fun to watch!

One of his cooler series here is the “Illegal Hacks” where he shows you some cheeky exploits and cheats you can use to get an advantage in Minecraft.

21) LDShadowLady

A bubbly female Minecraft YouTuber, LDShadowLady brings some serious girl power into the realms of Minecraft. Her fun and creative videos have covered a bunch of Minecraft’s possibilities, and have garnered her millions of subs.

Not only does she play Minecraft, but you’ll also find a bunch of other gameplay videos, including popular games like The Walking Dead, Sims 4, and Among Us. With that in mind, her Minecraft videos are wildly popular, making her one of the biggest women in the Minecraft YouTube community.

22) Eystreem

Eystreem is a super creative and fun MineTuber, who has a bunch of different blocky content. Not only is his channel full of Minecraft gameplay series and adventures, but he also has a bunch of cool animations and songs. If you love catchy Minecraft songs, then Eystreem’s channel is an excellent place to hang out.

Besides the adventures and survival, he also tries out a lot of Minecraft challenges and makes a bunch of tutorials and top 5s. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or just a bit of fun, you’ll be guaranteed to find what you need somewhere on Eystreem’s channel.

23) Skeppy

Skeppy is a hybrid YouTuber/streamer who has been creating entertaining and original Minecraft content for years. Even though he’s a youngster, he is very insightful and has a lot of cool ideas when it comes to making entertaining videos. For example, he spent nearly 3 hours saying “L” 25,000 times. Which is… impressive?

Strangeness aside, he’s made a load of fun Minecraft videos, with his Hunger Games series being one of his biggest hits.

24) TheAtlanticCraft

With a channel full of survival, adventure maps, crazy mods, and challenges, TheAtlanticCraft is a Minecraft-focused channel with a load of funny and unique Minecraft videos.

He’s tried out pretty much every popular Minecraft mod ever made, from Modern Warfare to Pixelmon, Dragons, and Plants VS Zombies. His channel is a great place to discover new ideas to incorporate into your own Minecraft playing, or just kick back and watch some funny Minecraft videos.

25) Bajan Canadian

The Bajan Canadian’s channel revolves around the blocky adventures of this Canadian YouTuber. The core of his MC videos revolves around multiplayer experiences, where he can be seen having fun with a bunch of his MC friends in wacky and exciting Minecraft adventures, be it survival variations, or pure competitive PvP. The Speed Hunter videos are ones to watch for sure!

26) JeromeASF

Jerome loves Minecraft and fun – are there many better passions to combine into YouTube videos? In Jerome’s video, you can expect a lot of blocky hijinks with his friends. From testing out MC myths and legends to playing Left 4 Dead themed Minecraft mods, or just seshing a few rounds of classic old Bloons TD, Jerome will keep you entertained for hours.

27) 09sharkboy

Shark is a friend of Unspeakable Gaming and MooseCraft – who both commonly feature in his videos together. These make a fun trio of creators, who skip through the worlds of Minecraft in search of the next adventure.

He’s been creating videos for nearly 10 years now, and he’s always coming up with exciting new ideas to try out.

28) MooseCraft

Moosecraft is another long-standing member of the Minetuber community and has explored a range of topics within the field. Most recently he’s been enjoying Minecraft Legends, the newest spinoff game with RTS elements. Some of his other classic videos revolve around Survival and Minecraft Pokemon – which is a lot of fun, you should check it out!

29) Sub

Sub is a funny Minetuber who has created a lot of unique types of Minecraft content. Some of his biggest videos are reviews of the most popular Minecraft TikToks, which are quite funny to watch if you are a big MC nerd like us. His other biggest hits are in his Noob vs Pro series, where he gives Minecraft noobies and experts the same challenges, and compares the results. The videos are just as hilarious as you might imagine.

30) MagmaMusen

Magma has a unique take on Minecraft videos and does a lot of deep dives into the hidden secrets, myths, and mechanics of the game. If you want to find out a bunch of facts that you probably didn’t know – then Magma’s channel is the place to go. His channel is a goldmine for Minecraft nerds who love to find out all the interesting small details and history of the game.

Runners Up!

31) Logdotzip

32) iBallisticSquid

33) LittleLizard Adventures

34) SB737

35) BadBoyHalo

36) Doni Bobes

37) LittleKellyPlayz

38) AntVenom

39) MC Naveed

Closing Thoughts

This is just a short selection of all the Minecraft YouTubers out there. These are just at the top of the charts in terms of subscriber count. That said, you won’t struggle to find at least a couple of personalities in this list that you enjoy watching and can get hooked into their content.

Hopefully you will find some inspiration for your Minecraft adventures, or perhaps even in becoming a Minecraft YouTuber yourself. Although, remember, sometimes it’s a good idea to step away from the screen every so often, and touch some grass IRL!


The most popular Minecraft YouTuber, based on subscriber count in 2023, is Mikecrack, who has over 37 million subscribers. Although, this is a Spanish channel. As for English speaking channels, the most subscribed are Techno Gamerz, and MrBeast Gaming, who both have over 30 million subs.

Who is the Richest Minecraft YouTuber?

Technically the richest Minecraft YouTuber is MrBeast – as he produces a fair amount of Minecraft videos, and has a net worth reportedly close to a billion dollars. Although, he isn’t purely a Minecraft creator. As for YouTubers who’ve made most of their money from Minecraft videos, the richest is most likely DanTDM, although it’s hard to find out his exact net worth.

Is it OK for Kids to Watch Minecraft?

Typically yes, it’s fine for children to watch Minecraft videos, depending on the nature of the content. Mineraft is rated as a 7+ game, although many YouTube channels contain inappropriate content for children.