Minecraft SMP: What is it, How to Play, and How to Host

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

SMP, or Survival Multiplayer, is a type of online Minecraft game mode.

There are two main modes in Minecraft: creative, and survival.

Survival is the standard game mode, where you have to fight for your survival, unlike creative, where you are essentially in god mode.

SMP servers are places where you can play survival mode minecraft with other players in a shared world.

If you want to find out more about SMP minecraft then you’ve come to the right place!

What is SMP Minecraft

SMP Minecraft is Survival Multiplayer. This game mode works just like typical survival mode minecraft, although instead, it’s in a multiplayer world.

This means all the typical survival mode mechanics are still in the game – you need to eat food to heal, you have to build the right tools to break certain blocks, and dangerous mobs will attack you at night. All of the standard gameplay of survival mode is the same in a Minecraft SMP server.

This also means you can build bases, go to other dimensions, and also grief other players. Whether you play nice or play nasty, is up to you – but either choice is a viable option.

Depending on the SMP servers you play on, there can be a bunch of extra rules built into the game to balance things out. Some servers let you own land and protect your buildings, so other players can’t destroy them.

The overall aim of the game is in the name – of survival. You need to collect resources, build houses, fight mobs, and explore the world. The multiplayer element brings a new level of excitement, as you aren’t alone in the world and can have a dynamic range of experiences and interactions with other players.

How to Play SMP

How to Play SMP

There are two ways to play minecraft in SMP mode. Either you can create a small server to play with friends (or join one of theirs) or you can connect to larger public SMP servers.

Hosting your own SMP server can be pretty straightforward – and it’s a nice activity if you have friends to play with. Sometimes playing the larger servers can be a frustrating experience if you’re late to the game.

How to Host an SMP Server in Minecraft

If you want to create and host your own SMP servers, there are a few options.

You can open your world to LAN, although that will require you to have Minecraft open on your PC whenever you want to play, and it’s only available to people sharing your wifi or wired network. You’ll need to launch minecraft every time other people want to connect to the server.

You can alternatively use the Minecraft server software to host your own server that people can connect to, although it requires some more knowledge and setup.

Another option is to use a third-party minecraft server hosting service – either Minecraft realms or one of the other websites. Check out this article showing you the best free minecraft server hosts for some great free options!

Alternatively, connect to a public SMP server!

Best Minecraft SMP Servers

Best Minecraft SMP Servers

Here are some of the most popular public SMP servers. These are great for playing minecraft in SMP mode without having to host your own. A lot of these have large populations which can make for some fun and interesting encounters.

  1. Complex Gaming – hub.mc-complex.com
  2. Medieval Vanilla – medieval-vanilla.com
  3. Vanilla Europa – play.vanillaeuropa.com
  4. WilderCraft – play.wildercraft.net
  5. SurviveWithUs – mc.survivewith.us

To connect to these, choose “Multiplayer” from the main menu, and click “add server”. Put in the server address, and type in a custom name, Now you can quickly connect to the server at any time.

These servers offer a range of pvp and cooperative gameplay experiences. Some of them use extra mods and plugins to make the pvp experience more dynamic and entertaining. Many of these are run by the community, so they get to decide the rules of how these games work.

Closing Thoughts – Minecraft SMP Servers

SMP servers are a really fun way to enjoy Minecraft. You can enjoy these alone, or with friends. If you enjoy this type of game, you might also enjoy factions – which is another cool Minecraft game mode – check out our list of the best Minecraft factions servers!

FAQs About Minecraft SMP Servers

What Does SMP Stand for Minecraft?

SMP in Minecraft stands for Survival Multi-Player. This is a version of Minecraft’s classic survival mode but in a multiplayer environment. There are loads of Minecraft SMP servers out there, each with its own unique take on the game mode.

What Does SMP Mean in Minecraft

In Minecraft, SMP means survival multiplayer, which is a fun and unique multiplayer game mode.

How do you Join SMP in Minecraft?

Joining an SMP server in Minecraft is super easy. All you need to do is find out the IP address of the server you want to connect to and enter it into the multiplayer connection setting.