15 Best SMP Minecraft Servers of All Time

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

SMP, or Survival Multi-Player is a popular type of online game mode in Minecraft. In these servers, the world works just like standard survival mode, just in multiplayer.

These servers are a great way to have a thrilling Minecraft experience, while you have to survive against the environment and mobs, while also having to deal with the extra threat (or cooperation) of other players.

What is an SMP Server in Minecraft

An SMP Server is a type of multiplayer server that’s running in survival mode, with a focus on maintaining the traditional survival mechanics. SMP stands for survival multiplayer – and in these survival minecraft server types, you can expect to enjoy all the typical features of the main survival mode.

Just click “add server” on the multiplayer menu to add these servers to your quick-access server list.

The 15 Best Minecraft SMP Servers to Join

Here is a list of the best SMP Minecraft servers to join.

After this section will share a selection of bedrock-compatible SMP Minecraft servers.

1. PurplePrison

Address: moxmc.net

best minecraft smp servers, PurplePrison

MoxMC is a large, popular minecraft server that offers a range of game modes, including survival SMP. Besides SMP, Mox also offers factions, dungeons, parkour, and plenty of other fun mini-games. It has an amazing community, and the servers are well maintained and lag free (most of the time). The SMP revolves around the vanilla style, although is enhanced with a few plugins. MoxMC hosts major events weekly, which keeps the servers well-populated and fresh.

2. OPBlocks Network

Address: mc.opblocks.net

best minecraft smp servers, header, OPBlocks Network

OPBlocks is another huge Minecraft server with a large, great community. This is more than just a standard Minecraft SMP server and offers a range of the best game modes like sky block, prison, and more.

You can connect to this from a regular Minecraft launcher, even though the server uses extra built-in resource packs and plugins.

3. Snapcraft

Address: topgk.snapmc.net


Snapcraft offers a typical SMP experience, as well as a few enhanced pvp modes like kitPvP and arenas. You can have endless fun on this server, as it’s popular enough to always have plenty of players to play with. The survival world gets restarted every month or so to balance out the game and keep the battleground fresh.

4. Medieval Vanilla

IP Address to join server: medieval-vanilla.com

Medieval Vanilla is a small but welcoming community that uses a nostalgic medieval theme, and minimal plugins to create an authentic SMP experience. It isn’t the most expanded Minecraft SMP server, but it gives you a positive and refined take on SMP. There are a few anti-griefing plugins that help to prevent people from trolling your base.

5. AllaySMP

Address: mbs.allaysmp.com

Allay lets you play SMP on either the Bedrock or Java edition of Minecraft. It features a player-driven economy, and the server is small, but large enough to offer a decent amount of player interaction.

6. CosmosMC

Address: org.cosmosmc.org


CosmosMC offers a cool, space-themed server that is filled with unique and exciting builds. There are three planets which you can travel to, each with a slightly different style. We love the space theme, that lets you play in SMP and life steal game modes.

7. Complex Gaming

Address: mbs.mc-complex.com

Complex gaming is a large server that offers a great SMP mode, as well as a bunch of other modes and minigames. The server is continually updated based on community feedback, which keeps it feeling new. This is also one of the largest servers to offer an SMP mode, so you should definitely check it out.

8. WildWood SMP

Java ip:mbs.wildwoodsmp.com

WildWood SMP is an SMP-focused Minecraft server that has a few unique features. We are really excited about the upcoming Earth SMP mode, which uses a map based on the layout of planet Earth in real life.

9. MC.Performium.co

Address: MC.Performium.co

Performium is another multiplayer server that offers a bunch of modes and mini-games, as well as a well-made SMP mode. One of the unique features of this server is that it features an Among Us style Impostor mode, which is a lot of fun to play. The SMP mode has land-claiming features that let you build houses without needing to worry about them getting destroyed.

Runners Up

Here are some other servers, that are also worth checking out. Although, we just didn’t think they needed a full description on this server list.

  1. LifeastealSMP – lifesteal.smp-server.com
  2. CCNet – play.ccnetmc.com
  3. PlayFuse – topg.PlayFuse.net
  4. Advancius Network – mc.advancius.net
  5. Arcadia – play.mcarcadia.com
  6. InsanityCraft – mbs.insanitycraft.net

The Best Minecraft Bedrock SMP Servers

Here are some suggestions for SMP Minecraft servers that are compatible with the Bedrock edition.

  1. AllaySMP mbs.allaysmp.com
  2. Cosmos MC mbs.cosmosmc.org
  3. InsanityCraft – mbs.insanitycraft.net
  4. BOSSCRAFT – cow.bosscraft.net
  5. WildWoodSMP – mbs.wildwoodsmp.com

Closing Thoughts

Any of these Minecraft SMP survival servers should give you a fun, albeit challenging gameplay experience. If you’re a fan of singleplayer vanilla survival, these multiplayer servers give you the chance to experience this classic game mode while you make new friends (and enemies)!

FAQs About Minecraft SMP Servers

What is the IP for SMP Minecraft Server?

The IP address for each SMP Minecraft server is unique to each server, check out a list of the best picks in the article above!

What is LifeSteal SMP Server Address?

The server address for the Lifesteal SMP server is lifesteal.smp-server.com.

How do I Join a Good SMP?

To join a good SMP Minecraft Server, you just need to find the IP address, and enter it into your multiplayer server connection menu – easy!