Bungie working on a secret project

Bungie’s updates are always a pleasure to read, they contain hilarious insights and bizarre commentary on the day-to-day duties at Bungie HQ but the most recent update had little more to reveal. Kind of.

Other than gushing over actor Nathan Fillion (understandably) who dropped in to play some Halo 3: ODST early, the update also confirmed that, other than Halo: Reach, the developer is working on another unannounced title…

The update says, “Oh and we’ve said it before, but since various denizens from around the Internet were once again speculating on what else we’re whipping up, yeah, we’ve also got a third, super secret thing in the works that you know nothing about. We’d love to tell you all about it, but as you may have learned from the proceeding sentence, it’s super secret. All in due time. When we have something to show you, we’ll…uh…show it to you. Until then, mind ya bizness.”

So, it’s official. Bungie’s code goblins are tapping away at something else. What that is, as yet, remains a mystery.