Can You Tame Pandas in Minecraft: Possible Alternatives

can you tame pandas in minecraft


This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Minecraft: the game where you can build a personalized world around you, complete with towering structures, dug-out tunnels and caves, and farms filled with adorable furry friends—including cute little panda cubs! Here at That VideoGame Blog, we cover everything you need to know about your favorite open-world game, from dungeon reviews to personal predictions to the best recipe for an armor stand in Minecraft!

In today’s blog, we’re discussing whether or not players can tame a panda and how you may be able to befriend these fuzzy creatures to breed pandas for your very own panda farm.

Can You Tame and Breed Pandas in Minecraft?

Technically speaking, players cannot tame pandas in Minecraft—at least not in the way you can tame farm animals and other critters in the game. However, you can befriend a panda in Minecraft by feeding pandas you find their favorite food: bamboo sticks. With bamboo equipped, you may get the fluffy creatures to follow you, at which point you may be able to create an enclosure for them near your home or farm.

In Minecraft, stumbling across wild animals isn’t always a positive experience. You can encounter aggressive mobs that may react angrily and harm your character’s health. The game features many other mobs for you to encounter while exploring, creating an unpredictable experience depending on where in the Minecraft world you go.

While you may come across aggressive pandas, they generally belong to neutral mobs. In this context, the term “neutral” means the pandas aren’t particularly fond of the player characters but aren’t aggressive either. However, though most pandas belong to neutral mobs, players can encounter them in various states depending on the circumstances.

For example, a panda may become aggressive if other pandas are injured. Playful pandas often roll and jump around, especially when a baby sneezes and produces a slime ball.

Brown Pandas

Most often, Minecraft pandas appear as “normal pandas,” or pandas with white and black fur. On rare occasions, you may stumble upon a brown panda, the rarest panda in Minecraft. Unfortunately, no methods of taming brown pandas currently exist.

How to Find Pandas and Tame Them in Minecraft

Because taming pandas isn’t necessarily part of core Minecraft, the taming process requires a few extra steps compared to taming other animals in the game.

Step One: Find Adult Pandas

Only a small percentage of pandas spawn as babies, so the chances of encountering a baby panda in Minecraft are slim. You’ll likely have to find adults in a bamboo jungle biome, where they usually congregate in packs.

Step Two: Get Bamboo Blocks

As it turns out, the critical ingredient you need to “tame” a panda is food! While exploring the bamboo jungle biomes, stock up on pandas’ favorite food and feed them to get them to follow you home.

Step Three: Build Your Enclosure for a Baby Panda

If you’d like to “tame” a panda and keep it as a pet, you’ll need to build an enclosure. Because the panda roams freely in Minecraft, only walls or fences will keep it in one place.

Step Four: Breed Baby Pandas

To produce a little panda baby, you’ll need to provide your panda friends with food. For a panda to enter “love mode,” it’ll need, at minimum, eight bamboo blocks within a five-block radius. This setup contents pandas and allows them the comfort and happiness to start producing red love hearts, which lead to adorable babies.

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