Everything You Need To Know About Rebirth In Elden Ring


This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

There are so many different ways to play Elden Ring. You can be a mighty sorcerer blasting Comet Azur or a master assassin inflicting blood loss, but due to weapon and ability requirements you can quickly find yourself tied into one path.

Fortunately, like in many other roleplaying games, the ability to reset your character stats is available in Elden Ring under the title of Rebirth. But this is not an ability you can do right away and there are several steps you need to follow to gain the ability.

Read on as we look at everything you need to know to rebirth your character, from the location you need to get to, how to defeat Rennala, and the larval tears you need to hold, all so you can change your stats and try different playstyles.

What Does Rebirth do in Elden Ring?

Before we look at the how, let’s look at why you should use rebirth in Elden Ring. As mentioned before, there are tonnes of ways to play the game. But it is easy to find yourself locked into a particular style.

You could begin the game as a Confessor, dealing faith damage, but halfway through the game, you discover an amazing sword, spell, or other such equipment whose initial level requires different ability points. This may be acceptable if you are at a lower level, as purchasing points will not be prohibitively expensive. But as you level up, the number of runes you need to spend also increases.

This is where Rebirth comes in handy, as it allows you to reset and reallocate attribute points instead of waiting to buy new ones. This is useful if you accidentally dumped points into stats that you ended up not using, allowing you to change your character’s stats and easily match stat requirements.

Where You Need to Go

If you are looking for rebirth in Elden Ring, the first place you need to be is in the Liurnia of the Lakes region of the map. You can get here by either completing the Stormveil Castle legacy dungeon and defeating Godrick the Grafted or by going around the castle and following the secret path along the cliffside in Northern Stormhill.

This region is more difficult than Limgrave, so be prepared as you enter the misty region, but once there, you just have to make your way to Raya Lucaria Academy in the centre of the lake

The entrance key to the academy can be found near the temple quarter site, north of the academy, in the nest of the Glintstone Dragon Smarag nest. You don’t need to worry about killing the dragon, as you can simply run in, pick it up, and then run away.

With the key in hand, you can enter the academy through one of its two massive gates.

How to Navigate the Academy of Raya Lucaria

Once you have the key and are in the academy, you need to fight your way through to rebirth.

Here is a quick step by step guide to what you need to do:

From the Main Academy Gate, make your way to the Church of the Cuckoo. (worth noting there is a nomadic merchant near the Grace site as you enter the dungeon if you need to buy anything)

The door near the Grace leads to the graveyard, where multiple corpses will jump out at you. You can run through this area until you see a rotating lift. Hop on it until the top, where you will see a ledge you can jump to.

From there, you will find the Great Hall Site. As you progress through the hallways and glintstone sorcerers, you will come to a library, from which you need to climb to the upper floors and travel through a fog door.

The boss inside is the Red Wolf of Radagon, an agile boss that uses both magic and physical attacks, but if you keep moving and have a good spirit summons you should be ok. When the wolf dies you have a new site of grace which is handy as the next area is easy to accidentally die in. 

Out the doors is a courtyard with multiple enemies, including an Iron Maiden, but all you need to worry about is the east edge, where a raised bridge is located.

Follow the bridge and watch out for the rolling ball. At the top, you will find a single enemy, a Carian Knight. This is not an easy fight, so be warned.

After killing the knight, you will gain access to the elevator that will take you to the Queen Rennala of the Full Moon boss fight, which unlocks rebirth.

Queen Rennala Boss Fight

Defeating Rennala is relatively easy, as long as you aren’t using sorcery and are not below rune level 40.

There are two stages to the fight.

The first is in the library. To deal damage, you need to go around killing her minions with a gold aura until her bubble bursts and she drops to the ground so you can attack her directly. This can be done quickly if you ignore the ones that aren’t glowing or if you summon spirits.

The second stage is where the kids’ gloves come off and you need to actually work. Rennala will unleash all manner of spells that deal high amounts of damage, but as long as you keep moving, you should be alright. 

The biggest danger in this part is when she starts to summon her own spirits. These don’t last too long, so keep focused on her.

Once you defeat Queen Rennala, you will get her great rune. You will find her sitting in the centre of the room. If you speak to her, she will allow you to either change your character’s appearance or offer you a rebirth. Each time you rebirth, you must spend one larval tear.

Elden Ring Rebirth Menu and Attribute points

elden right rebirth menu and attribute points

Rebirth is relatively easy to navigate, as it will show you your character’s stats, current level, and all the attribute points you have available to spend. You just need to put the points where you want to be able to use whatever equipment you wanted to try.

If you are wondering if you should rebirth right away, you should be aware that you can only assign points until your present level. This means that it may be worthwhile to wait until your characters reach rune level 50 before resetting as tears are limited.

Note: Unless your character is a Wretch, you won’t be able to move everything during rebirth, as the starting levels are fixed at the initial level determined by their respective classes.

Where To Find Every Larval Tear In Elden Ring

elden ring, larval tear

The only downside of rebirth is that you can only do it 17 times during the game due to being tied to Larval Tears. You will only be able to obtain more if you play a new game plus.

Here is a list of all the places you can find them:

Limgrave (1 Larval tear): 

  • Dropped by a Lesser Runebear directly east of the Agheel Lake South site.

Liurnia of the Lakes (4 Larval tears):

  • Found in the Village of the Albinaurics.
  • Dropped by a Grafted Scion between Rose Church and Boilprawn Shack.
  • Found in the graveyard east of Caria Manor after obtaining the Resurrection Painting.
  • Purchased from Pidia, Carian Servant for 3,000 runes 

Caelid (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a wandering nobel kneeling at the western end of the stone coffins on the cliff south of the Caelid Highway South.

Altus Plateau (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a wandering noble cowering in a corner in the unnamed ruins southeast of Windmill Village. 

Mt.Gelmir (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a flaming Putrid Corpse next to the first fire of the ruined camp, east of the Road of Iniquity site of grace. 

Consecrated Snowfield (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a Wandering Noble, in the Consecrated Snowfield. They are located southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield site of grace.

Siofra River (1 Larval tear):

  • Purchased from the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River, for 3,000 RunesWatch out when hunting for larval tears though as many of them are hidden on strong enemies pretending to be weak ones, as the tear in Limgrave is on a Lesser Runebear disguised as a Wandering Noble.

Eternal City of Nokron (4 Larval tears):

  • Found in the stone building southeast of the Nokron site. 
  • Found on corpse inside a gazebo in Nokron. 
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere in Night’s Sacred Ground.
  • Two dropped by the Mimic Tear boss when defeated.

Eternal City of Nokstella (3 Larval tears):

  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere on the bridge
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere hanging from the ceiling in the northeast building after the bridge.
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere after reaching the top of the stairs. 

Final Thoughts

There’s everything important you needed to know about Elden Ring rebirth. So if you have found new weapons and find yourself with attributes lower than required, you simply need to pop into Raya Lucaria Academy, defeat Rennala, and spend a larval tear.

Just remember when reallocating attribute points during rebirth that you will only get seventeen tries, so if you want to experience it all in Elden Ring, Keep in mind what you want to try while in the rebirth screen, or you might end up with less-than-ideal stats.