Epic wants to maintain “visual leadership,” Bleszinski teases Gears 3 teaser

Unreal Engine 3 and Gears of War series developer Epic Games is looking to maintain their “visual leadership,” design director Cliff Bleszinski said at the Game Developers Conference last week.

“…the bar continues to rise,” he said in a chat conducted at the event. “We got ahead of everybody with Gears 1, [with] Gears 2 we kept that, and with future products we want to definitely maintain our visual leadership”.

Epic used the GDC venue to show off improvements made to their popular game engine. “When you see what we’re doing with this [the image above is from the presentation], it’s going to blow your mind,” VP Mark Rein promised.

Speaking of the Gears of War series in general, Bleszinski feels the series “still has a lot of growth.”

“I think Gears is a huge and wonderful franchise that’s been very successful for us. But I think we can always try harder. I think we can always have better online mutiplayer. I think we can make a game that’s stickier and sticks in players’ heads more. I think we can tell stories even better,” he said, clearly hinting at the unconfirmed Gears of War 3.

Furthermore: “.. we’re perfectionists and we always want to try harder … maybe there’ll be some announcements in the future that’ll kind of tease into some of that stuff.”

Like early next month, maybe?