13 Best Free Sims 4 Mods For PC (Fully Tested)

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

The Sims 4 base game comes with an impressive amount of content. However, you can open up even more possibilities by downloading mods that enhance style and gameplay in the Sims 4. These in-game add ons are embraced by the Sims community (there’s even an official Sims 4 mod hub). Best of all, mods are completely free!

When browsing mods on different websites, how do you know which mod is worth downloading? Use this list of the best free Sims 4 mods as your introduction to the modding community.

What is a Sims 4 Mod?

Mods are files of additional content you can download for the Sims 4.

Some mods add new features in Create a Sim (CAS) and Build Mode. Other mods make gameplay more convenient and efficient. Finally, mods can also add new experiences and storylines for your sim to enjoy. Many users think of mods as free expansion packs, but there are distinct differences between the two.

Mods are different from official Sims 4 expansion packs as they are made by Sims 4 players instead of EA. You must download mods from a third-party, while you can download expansion packs directly from the EA website or app.

The best mods work just as well as official Sims 4 expansion packs. However, being created by amateur players, some mods will have problems, especially new mods by new creators. When the creator becomes aware of the issue, they can update the mod to fix the glitch and even add new content.

Most mods alter the existing code for the Sims 4. However, script mods replace existing code with brand new code from beginning to end. Script mods tend to be riskier since there’s more room for error due to the longer code.

Mods are user-created and not a part of the official Sims 4 game. Players are responsible for the mods they download, so only download mods from reliable sources.

Downloading Mods and Installing Mods

In order to utilize mods, you need to download the mod and then extract the compressed zip file into a mods folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods) before you start a new Sims game.

Before you get started, enter game options to verify that you have mods enabled. There are two items that need to be enabled – one for regular mods and one for script mods.

To find the best mods, search online for the mod you want and download one of the most popular links with numerous positive reviews. Your download will end up in your downloads file. Next, you’ll have to extract it.

Right-click the desired file in your downloads folder and click on extract all. A screen will appear with the file destination.

Destination Folder: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.

Verify the destination of the file before you extract it. The default destination may be your download folder, and the mod will not work if you extract the file to the wrong location.

If you properly installed the mod, you will see a popup the next time you launch the game that describes all of the downloaded content on your game.

You can use most of the Sims 4 mods with other mods and expansion packs. There is also no cap on the amount of custom content you can download to the Sims 4.

These instructions are for PC. You can also download mods on Apple desktops and laptops. You cannot download mods on gaming consoles, such as Xbox or PC.

Mods for Gameplay Mechanics

MC Command Center Mod

The MC Command Center mod is a mod that creates a new control panel that is a prerequisite for many of the other mods in this article, such as the cheats extension. You will not be able to use the cheat mod (or any of the other mods that operate from the updated control panel) without the MC command center. You can access the command center mod by interacting with your sim.

UI Cheats Extension Mod

The UI cheats extension mod makes it easier than ever to use cheat codes. You will need to MC command center mod in order to use the UI cheats extension. After you download the mods, you’ll have the ability to access cheats through the new control panel with a couple of clicks of the mouse. No more memorizing cheat codes!

You can add funds to the household or increase the progress of a specific sim using the cheat extension. You’ll also be able to make changes to your Sim and your household, no matter where you are in your game.

More CAS Columns Mod

By default, you will have two columns in CAS. With the more CAS columns mod, you have the ability to choose from two, three, four, and five columns. More columns gives you the ability to see more items on the screen, reducing scrolling. This can be especially helpful when you have a lot of additional content downloaded to your game and want to navigate through it all quickly.

Romance and Family Mods

SimDa Dating App Mod

Even Sims need help with dating. The SimDa dating app is the perfect place to start when you want to put your Sim back out there. Your sim can use the app to meet previously unknown sims. You should be able to use the app to speed up a character’s love life in the direction you want to take it.

You can access the SimDa dating app through the social button on your smartphone.

Using the SimDa app, you’ll have the ability to choose from three types of dates:

  • Specific Date – a date for two Sims looking to find a partner.
  • Blind Date – an exciting date with endless possibilities.
  • One Night Stand – a carnal meeting between two Sims who need to let off some steam.

Once you pick a type of date, you will pick a location to meet your date. If you pick a fantastic place to meet, you have a better chance of the date going well. Your future interactions with your date will depend on if you had a bad date, a good date, or a great date.

Passionate Romance Mod

The passionate romance mod provides players with more romantic interactions to make romantic relationships more customizable and exciting.

You can access these new actions by interacting with your Sim and clicking Passionate Romance. Some of the new interactions available to you under the Passionate Romance menu include:

  • Goose
  • Snuggle
  • Make out
  • Romantic selfie

Just like in real life, you should only perform these actions when you are on good terms with a romantic prospect. Otherwise, you may become off-putting to your date.

Sims will also have the opportunity to cherish the important moments of their relationship with improved proposal selfies and wedding pictures.

Sims 4 Realistic Childbirth Mod

The realistic childbirth mod creates new interactions and options regarding conception, pregnancy, and giving birth.

Women have the option to take birth control until they want to have a baby, reducing the likelihood of an accidental pregnancy.

Your sim will be able to take a pregnancy test when they think they might be pregnant. They’ll also be able to share the good news with other sims.

Don’t forget to create a birth plan with your doctors well before you go into labor if you want to take advantage of some of the new options. Otherwise, things may not go according to plan.

There are new items, such as exercise balls and birthing tubs, to get through the extended labor sequence. Buy items early so that you have them when you need them.

Pregnant sims will have the choice to give birth at the hospital or have a water birth or unassisted birth at home. Sims at the hospital will have the option to request an epidural, which will relieve their discomfort. Hopefully, the epidural works (they only work a percentage of the time). Sims who give birth at home can perform breathing exercises and cuddle inside the birthing pool to manage the pain.

Better Babies & Toddlers Mod

The better babies and toddlers mod gives players the opportunity to do more with infants and toddlers.

After you have a baby, you will have the ability to perform the following interactions:

  • Complain about feeling exhausted.
  • Complain about baby teething.
  • Debate the best diaper brand.
  • Discuss the first Christmas (during the winter season).
  • Promote baby breastfeeding.
  • Share self-care tips as a new parent.
  • Talk about babies.
  • Talk about returning to work.

When a parent interacts with the bassinet, the baby will have the following new moodlet options:

  • Shoosh
  • Feeding
  • Rock
  • Show Baby
  • Cuddle

As babies turn into toddlers, new options create fuller interactions between parents and children. Parents can help toddlers develop their language skills and good eating habits.

Toddlers have more traits than before, creating more variation in how they behave. No matter what, toddlers will act like toddlers. Sometimes, this means taking their clothes off.

toddler Sim mod

Keep in mind, you will need to download the lumpinou MoodPackMod in order to enjoy all of the features of this mod.

Education Overhaul Mod

The education overhaul mod enhances gameplay for children and teens as they go through school.

Children don’t have to attend public school. Students can apply to preparatory schools and go to camp for additional educational opportunities.

Children will also have the opportunity to attend school from home. When attending school from home, students will have the following interactions available to them:

  • Complete Assessment
  • Complete Experimental Learning
  • Do 2 Hours of Physical Exercise
  • Group Session with Classmates
  • Study Independently

Bad children may end up in boarding school and can only return when the parent agrees to permit them back into the house.

Personality Mods

Meaningful Stories Mod

The meaningful stories mod aims to flesh out a sim’s emotional experience and make it as customizable as possible.

For example, Sims will aspire to reach true happiness as opposed to traditional happiness. In order to reach true happiness, a sim can earn points by completing certain life experiences. For example, if someone gets a new romantic partner or outlives an enemy, they will earn points toward true happiness.

Interact with your Sim to open the meaningful stories menu. All features are completely customizable, so you can pick and choose which features you want active during gameplay.

Slice of Life Mod

The slice of life mod adds new life experiences to the game that can impact a character’s mood and social relationships.

The new experiences that become available in the slice of life add-on include:

  • Call other Sims.
  • Remember important life events and talk about them.
  • Self WooHoo.
  • Gain and lose confidence based on your appearance.
  • Get your period.
  • Get drunk.
  • Go to more types of parties.

Sims will also get 16 new personality traits based on the Myers-Briggs personality types. These detailed personalities create more dynamic characters and relationships. Instead of Sims basing relationships on random interactions and limited emotional responses, Sims will connect with Sims with compatible personality types.

Additional Content Mods

Pufferhead Stuff Pack Mod

Characters in the Sims universe can get just as caught up in fandom as we do in real life, and the most popular in-game character is the boy wizard Henry Puffer. The not-so-subtle reference to Harry Potter is definitely not a coincidence.

The Pufferhead stuff pack allows Sims to enter the wizard realm and have wizard experiences for themselves.

Players will find new Henry Puffer outfits and decorations so that Sims can really immerse themselves in the Henry Potter world. However, your Sim can do more than simply dress the part. Some of the items will unlock wizard powers.

All characters can enjoy Henry Puffer, including children and seniors. Henry Puffer, like Harry Potter, is for magic lovers of all ages.

The additional style and actions make the mod worth downloading, even if you aren’t a fan of the Harry Potter series.

Arcade Room Fanmade Pack Mod

With the arcade room mod, you can buy an arcade machine and play arcade games inside of the Sims 4 game.

The games available as part of the arcade room mod include:

  • Arcade basketball – kids and adults
  • Claw machine – kids and adults
  • DDr machine – kids and adults
  • Gumball machine – kids and adults
  • Kick it Pro – kids and adults
  • Pinball machine – kids and adults
  • Skeeball – kids and adults
  • Slot machine – adults only
  • Smack gnome – kids and adults
  • Spin and win – adults only
  • Wheel of Fortune – kids and adults


You can use Sims 4 mods to give you more content. The new content ensures that you never run out of things to do when playing the Sims 4. Download the mods that appeal to you the most before you start your next adventure.


Is It Possible to Get Sims 4 Packs For Free?

Unlike most expansion packs, you can find most of the Sims 4 mods for free. Many people consider mods free expansion packs.

What’s the Difference Between Mods and Expansion Packs?

Expansion packs are made by EA and generally cost money. Mods are made by players and shared throughout the Sims community.

Where Can I Get Sims 4 Mods For Free?

You can find free mods through a simple internet search. Only download mods from reliable sources. You can generally trust a mod if it has a high number of downloads and user feedback.

Why is My Mod Not Working?

There are a number of possible reasons why a mod might not work. Take the following steps to resolve a mod that doesn’t appear to be working.

Research the mod in question to ensure that you meet all of the prerequisites for the mod. Some mods require expansion packs or additional mods. You may also need to perform certain tasks to unlock some of the features of the mod.

Next, verify that you can find the desired file in your mods folder. Some people make the mistake of not extracting the files or not extracting them to the correct folder.