Hands-on / Deadly Creatures

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Rarely have I wanted a game to succeed as badly as I do the Wii exclusive Deadly Creatures. Nintendo continues to top the charts, but many still remember the initial disappointment that hardcore gamers felt when that 1:1 lightsaber game didn’t show up or that the best thing we could do was turn the Wiimote sideways to hold a gun Hollywood style. Hardcore gamers began to turn. That is what makes games like Deadly Creatures, MadWorld, The Conduit and other more recent hardcore efforts important. Add to this the fact that Deadly Creatures was created with Wiimote controls specifically, which could make it a shining example of the big N’s revolution paying off — not just in their pockets, but for the hardcore gamer too.

We got to go hands-on with THQ’s creepy crawler this week at Comic Con and learned that there isn’t much better than sinking your fangs into a nice juicy cricket. We don’t have anything against crickets, but its just such a fun crunching sound. Controls feel natural without the motion controls feeling hashed in to justify a Wii release. Light combos are activated with the A button and then more powerful strikes by swinging the Wiimote or a combination of the two. Anyone worried about a tarantula or scorpion being used as brawlers can put their fears aside. A few light hits to stun a rival creature then slam the Wiimote down to stab them right through the carapace with your stinger — instant classic, right?

Previous trailers have bragged that these arachnids will crawl on the walls and ceilings. While this is true Deadly Creatures is far from a sandbox title. There are definite paths to be traveled with the larger wild areas blocked off. There is still plenty of room to play, but this makes for true linear gameplay. Keeping in mind that there is actually a story to tell, that isn’t a bad thing.

The only misgiving we have so far is the lack of a targeting system. For a mechanic that seems so standard for games these days it feels awkward not having it. However, like subtitles to a good Kung Fu movie, it doesn’t take long to get over and get back to the feast. Check back for our full review of Deadly Creatures soon to see if the problem really drags it down.