How to party in Dirt 3

If you’re admittedly buying Codemasters’ Dirt 3 for the rally aspect of it, that’s cool. That’s how you roll. But if you weren’t, what would make you buy and see it for the racer that it is? Codies got you covered with its unique Party Mode, a triad of reasons why you’d rather skip rallying and ride back in time to your childhood playground games.

Reason #1. “Outbreak” – this mode will “infect” your car, coloring it bright green at the beginning of each round. You will then have to drive your ill-conceived vehicle and spread your disease onto others, presumably by embedding your ton-and-a-half heavy collection of pipes and wheels into them. That’s how we’d do it.

Reason #2. “Transporter” – a Capture the Flag mode which will have you chasing a randomly materializing piece of waving cloth on a stick, grabbing it and taking it back to wherever it belongs, all while avoiding fellow robbers who will violently try to take it away from you by crashing into you… probably. Again, that’s how we’d do it.

Reason #3. “Invasion” – it means exactly what you think it means; an army of robot cardboard cutouts invades an open lot, your open lot, and you’ll have to zig-zag through cardboard buildings and give those bastards what they rightfully deserve; a heavy-duty piece of rolling machinery to their face. Still, that’s how we’d do it.

We’d add a fourth one, but we have neither $300 bucks nor the driving skills of Jason Statham, so we’ll let that one slip.

Dirt 3 rolls onto PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 24th, worldwide. Ready for a fiesta?