Updated / Killzone 3 4-player co-op confirmed

Update: FirstPlay was in error, has issued a statement

Original story: This week’s FirstPlay — the digital magazine for the European PSN — features a nice juicy Killzone 3 preview. It doesn’t reveal any new footage of the 3D-enabled shooter but does confirm something that we’ve been waiting to hear about for a while; co-op.

The inclusion of a co-op mode has been rumored before, but the preview now tells us that despite not knowing much about multiplayer, “we do know that Guerrilla is working on a special objective-based 4-man co-op mode to go with the standard 2-player stuff.”

That sounds like confirmation to us! If you have no idea what objective based 4 man co-op is, check out Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s Onslaught mode, which should at least give you an idea.