Minecraft Building Ideas: 52 Cool Ways to Get Inspired!

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

If you need Minecraft building ideas, this is the ultimate guide!

Out of all the video games ever made,  few come close to offering the amount of creative freedom as Minecraft.

Minecraft is the kind of game where you can literally build anything – the only limit is your imagination.

If you’re struggling to come up with new Minecraft concepts this guide gives you a bunch of cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1) A Minecraft House

minecraft building ideas, house

Is there any more classic building than a Minecraft house? Probably not. 

Whether you are just building a basic cobblestone shelter, a regular house, a modern house, or a luxurious mansion with every type of room imaginable, building houses is a staple of Minecraft and a cool idea for anyone to try.

If you learn a good strategy for building houses you’ll be able to stand out in multiplayer servers and impress your friends with a sweet house. 

You could even try to rebuild your IRL house in Minecraft – that’s a fun project if you have the time! You could recreate the layout of each room in your house in detail. Or base it on other cool cribs from around the world.

You can find hundreds of Minecraft building tutorials on youtube, here are a couple of our favorites:

2) Garden

minecraft building ideas, garden

After building a house, the next logical step is building a garden. Minecraft is full of cool flowers, trees, and other greenery. 

There are a bunch of different garden styles you can take inspiration from in real life. You could build a classical walled garden or even something like a Japanese zen garden.

We recommend doing a google image search and finding inspirational gardens to base your build off. 

If you’re in survival mode, building gardens is a bit harder because you need to collect all the resources and seeds manually. This process will be rewarding though when you can relax in your stunning Minecraft garden. 

Check out these tutorial videos:

3) Farm

minecraft building ideas, farm

Farms are a fun thing to build in Minecraft. There are many mechanics which revolve around farming too – whether that’s growing crops, breeding animals, or milking cows – you can make farms that work almost as realistically as farms in real life.

You can build many types of farms in Minecraft, and of course, no farm is complete without a barn and farmhouse. 

You can build fully functional farms which are actually useful in survival, beyond just looking cool. Farms are a great way of generating a lot of food and other resources. 

You should also check out techniques for automating them: 10 Minecraft Farms In 10 Minutes

4) Minecraft City

minecraft building ideas, city

After you’ve got the hang of creating buildings, you should consider making a Minecraft city. 

Cities are ambitious builds, but if you want a mega creative project to sink hours into then a big city is a great place to start. These are obviously going to be a lot easier to make in creative mode rather than survival, but it is still possible in survival mode. 

You could base your city build on a real-life location, perhaps the one you live in. Or even take inspiration from cities out of other video games like World of Warcraft or the Elder Scrolls. You can build a modern city, or an old-fashioned fantasy city – it’s entirely up to you!

Alternatively, you could make up a completely new big city with the power of your imagination. Just be prepared to need a lot of stone blocks and stone bricks!

How to Plan a City | Minecraft Architecture

5) Underground / Secret Base

Underground Secret Base

Minecraft is a game all about digging and going underground. So why not build yourself a cool underground base?

You might even consider making it a hidden or secret base. Hiding buildings and creating secret entrances in Minecraft can be a lot of fun, and there are actually quite a few methods of pulling it off. 

One of our favorites is hiding an underground lair under a trapdoor with ladders in a bush or under a tree. Because it’s underground you should be able to make an underground base with enough space for all your rooms.

Don’t forget that you can also do the painting trick! You can walk through paintings, although you can’t see through them. This makes them the perfect device for hiding an entrance to an underground base.

Watch this video to learn how to make secret doors! 5 EASY Secret Doors To Build in Minecraft

6) A Base in the Nether

Base in the Nether

The Nether is definitely the most dangerous dimension in Minecraft, however, it’s also the only place you can find the ingredients for making the best gear. If you want to beat the game, then you have to conquer the nether at some point. 

Building a safe outpost in the Nether can make your hellish adventures much safer. Building a safe stronghold can help you to survive the dangers of this fiery wasteland while you grind away for those sweet netherite ingots… 

Minecraft: 10 Nether Base Designs That Will Keep You Safe

7) Arena

Arenas are the best place to test out your combat skills against competitors. You can build either player vs player areas or arenas where you have to fight against mobs. 

Building a mob-based arena can be a fun challenge and help you to learn some of Minecraft’s mechanics and commands in more depth. You can use mob spawners or command blocks to create automatic waves of enemies that spawn every so many seconds. 

Alternatively, make a PvP arena to compete with your friends or other people on the server.  You can add a bunch of fun twists to your PvP arenas to make them more fun and challenging.  

8) Squid Game Glass Bridge

Squid Game Glass Bridge

The hit TV series Squid Game has influenced many video games thanks to its fascinating and tense challenges. One cult classic is the glass bridge – which you can easily recreate in Minecraft. 

The premise is simple – players must get from one side of the bridge to the other, however, some tiles are real, while other tiles are fake and will make you fall to your death. 

Check out this youtube tutorial on how to build a working Squid Game glass bridge in Minecraft. These are really fun things to play with in any kind of multiplayer mini-game server! 

The design and mechanics are relatively straightforward and don’t require a tonne of redstone knowledge.

9) Spaceship


While the base aesthetics of Minecraft take place in more of a medieval-style fantasy setting, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict your builds. 

The huge combination of blocks available in Minecraft means that you can create builds with a range of aesthetics. It’s even quite good at making a futuristic style if you combine the right blocks. This is even better if you use mod packs and texture packs.

Spaceships are an exciting type of build that test your creativity. You can build them high in the sky and use command blocks to teleport players up to them.

Other video games and sci-fi movies can be great places to find inspiration for your spaceship build. Just watch out for those creeper aliens!

Minecraft | Steampunk SpaceShip Tutorial

10) Factory

minecraft building ideas, factory

Over the years of development, several features and items have been added to Minecraft that make automation more possible. 

Sure, you can find some really cool mods that make factory builds even more realistic and functional, however, even vanilla Minecraft is capable of building some realistic factory systems. You can actually automate a lot of processes in Minecraft now. 

Whether you are making a gunpowder factory from creepers, a piggy porkchop factory, or an ore smelting powerhouse, factories are a cool build idea in Minecraft. This is another build type where you can get a lot of inspiration from looking at google images of factories. 

Check out this factory video tutorial The Honeyed Apple Factory Buildings! Minecraft Create Mod

11) Tunnels

Minecraft is a game that is designed for digging and underground adventures. That’s why we think tunnels are a lot of fun to build.

Tunnels can be used for a range of purposes. These could house a secret base, they could be used to transport players and materials using minecarts, and they could be used to traverse long and dangerous territories with ease. You could also build an underwater tunnel to cross an ocean or river. 

This Minecraft building idea is relatively easy to build but is still very rewarding.

12) Mines

minecraft mine

What Minecraft world can be complete without a mine? The word is literally in the name of the game… So surely it’s a cool idea to make one, right?

That said, mines are an important and valuable build which makes it easier to find and harvest materials.

You can build mines in a range of styles. You could create an old-fashioned mineshaft with ladders and wood blocks. Or you could build a more modern mine in the style of a quarry.

Some mods like Tekkit add new mining tools which let you build enormous and more efficient automated mines with powerful mining systems. 

13) Pirate Ship

pirate ship

Going back to the fantasy theme, pirate ships are another exciting build idea. If you’ve ever played games like Sea of Thieves or Assassin’s Creed Black Flag then you’ll have a taste for the amount of fun being a pirate is. 

You can even be a pirate in Minecraft! All you need to do is make a cool pirate ship and choose a nice pirate skin. Sadly you can’t make pirate ships sail across the sea, you can only use the humble wooden boat item. Either way, this is still one of the best Minecraft building ideas out there.

14) Docks

Building docks is another entertaining challenge that will give you a cool final product. Whether you are building a modern industrial dock, or a medieval one, creating a dock will keep you busy for hours. 

Docks need a lot of wood, so make sure you build it somewhere near a lot of trees if you are building it in survival mode. No dock is complete without a range of ships, from huge pirate ships to miniature boats This allows you to express your boat-building skills!

15) Shops

minecraft shop

Shops are a particularly fun building to create in a multiplayer server as you can actually use them to trade with fellow players. You can build any type of shop you can imagine – from a baker to a diamond shop. These can be great for roleplaying servers too. 

Taking inspiration from real-life stores is a good way to base your building design ideas. You could even build a massive supermarket-style store if you have the time and resources. You could create a bartering system using signs and chests, or even manually run the shop as the owner in multiplayer worlds. 

If you are playing in single-player, you can build shop-style buildings in villages and populate them with villagers. Give them the right job site blocks, and you can have shops filled with villagers with relevant professions like armorsmith, weaponsmith, librarian, and more! Now, how cool is that? Just save your emeralds!

Minecraft – Shop Tutorial (How to Build)

16) Restaurant


After you’ve built a farm and have a reliable source of food, you should consider building a restaurant or diner to entertain some guests. Restaurants are a great place to hang out with your friends and enjoy some Minecraft food like carrots or pork chops.

If you’re creative then you could design your own restaurant from scratch. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a restaurant then Minecraft allows you to try it out. Design your own menu and restaurant layout, and hire some friends from your Minecraft server to start role-playing. 

You could also design your restaurant based on some famous brands like KFC, Mcdonald’s, or Wendy’s!

How to build a restaurant in minecraft

Don’t forget to build a smoker utility block that cooks food twice as fast as a standard furnace. 

17) Kitchen

minecraft kitchen

If a restaurant is too large of a build to handle, why not start with a simple kitchen? You can fill your kitchen with all the standard kitchen utensils – a furnace, sink, cauldron, and storage chests.

These are perfect if you need a quick pick-me-up, like a bit of pork chop or if you want to prepare fried chicken.

As mentioned in the restaurant section, don’t forget to look into a Smoker block which is a more effective furnace for cooking food faster. 

The amount of food types available in Minecraft isn’t enormous, and the cooking system is quite basic – so we suggest you check out this Minecraft Cooking Mod to make your kitchen time more engaging. 

18) Workshop

A workshop will be particularly useful for people playing in a survival server but is also just a generally fun thing to build in creative mode. 

Your workshop should have everything you need to craft items. This could feature a bunch of storage chests to stash your resources and some crafting tables for… crafting. Make sure you include a furnace or even a blast furnace that smelts ores at twice the speed of a regular furnace. 

This could include any of the main crafting blocks, like smithing tables, anvils, enchanting tables, brewing gear, and more. Although, we recommend that you put these in separate themed rooms of your base, which we’ll outline throughout this guide. 

19) Smithing Room

Minecraft is a game filled with ores and metal, so what better utility room to have than a smithing space? If you play survival Minecraft, you’ll spend a lot of time melting down ore into ingots and crafting these ingots into various tools, weapons, armor, and other items. 

A room filled with smithing gear can make this process much more efficient. Not only can you make these rooms look cool by theming the blocks you use, but they can also be highly functional and make your life in Minecraft a lot easier. 

You should at least include the following crafting blocks to make your smithing room effective: furnace, blast furnace, smithing table, anvil, grindstone, and an enchanting table. 

Having these items lets you create powerful weapons and armor all from one room!

20) Wizard’s Room

Wizard’s Room

Minecraft is a magical game, although as a player you don’t have access to many spells in the vanilla version. (You should check out these Magic Mods for Minecraft if you want to add spells, wands, and other cool magical features into the game.)

Even so, you can make some cool wizard-themed places to bring a touch of magic and mystery to your Minecraft world. Rather than just building a wizard’s room, you could build your own wizard’s tower with all the classical designs and tropes from old-school fantasy. 

For starters, this room could include all the potion-brewing gear you need, some portals, and an enchanting table. If you are working in creative mode or designing a place for your server, you could use command blocks to build teleporters or devices that appear to be magic by using commands to perform extraordinary tasks. 

You could find inspiration from old fantasy movies, video games like Elden Ring, or even from descriptions in books like Lord of the Rings or the Game of Thrones series. 

21) Library

Even if you don’t enjoy reading, a library is still a functional build in Minecraft. You could make a cool library purely for decorative purposes – it could be stacked with old bookshelf blocks and lecterns holding dusty books full of mysterious clues. 

You could even base it on some famous historical libraries, libraries from video games, or even your local library. 

Taking it beyond decoration, libraries (or more specifically, bookshelves) are an important component in the enchanting process. To access higher enchantment levels, your enchantment table needs to be surrounded by bookshelves. 

To reach the maximum enchanting levels, you need to have a total of 15 bookshelves around your enchanting table. You can have more if you want, but any less and you won’t be able to get the max enchanting levels. 

Minecraft | How to build a Medieval Library | Tutorial

22) Pixel Art

minecraft pixel art

In some ways, Minecraft can be described as a 3D version of Microsoft paint. Each block can be seen as a pixel, which can be crafted into a rich tapestry to create any image you can imagine. 

There are some mind-blowing pixel art Minecraft builds out there. From Homer Simpson to the Mona Lisa, anything can be recreated. The current version of Minecraft has so many different textures and colors that you won’t struggle to make pixel-perfect images. 

There is a bit of a technique to building Minecraft pixel art. When you master it, you will find it super easy to build pixel images. These can take a lot of time when done in detail but are really rewarding. Building pixel art is a rite of passage that every Minecraft enjoyer should undertake at some point. 

Check out this playlist for some inspiration: Minecraft Pixel Art Tutorials

23) Minecraft Castle Build

minecraft castle build

Your princess is in another castle… Ok, forget the Mario references for a second, if you haven’t tried to build a castle in Minecraft then you haven’t really played the game. 

Whether you are basing your design of a real castle, a fictional one, or you’re just coming up with your own idea, no other game is better for castle building than Minecraft. Not everyone gets to go in a castle in real life, so. a Minceraft build will be the next best thing.

There are so many blocks that lend themselves to the aesthetics of castles, and so many items which make for sweet decorative elements. You can include a bunch of different rooms within your castle, like a treasure room, servant’s quarters, a dining hall, the king’s throne, and even a dungeon…

Minecraft Castle Tutorials

24) Dungeons

Dungeons became so popular in Minecraft, Mojang actually released a spin-off game called Minecraft Dungeons (which you should totally check out, it’s a lot of fun). 

That said, becoming the dungeon master and building your own Minecraft dungeon is very exciting indeed. Unlike most games, where you are the hero who has to overcome the challenges a dungeon throws at you, in Minecraft, you can make the dungeon. 

There are endless variations of dungeons, and thanks to the mechanics and features available when playing Minecraft you can have a lot of power and flexibility over its design. We recommend getting to grips with command blocks and mob spawners, so you can create systems that automatically generate skeletons and other mobs when players cross a pressure pad or trip wire. 

As far as Minecraft builds go, this is one of the more fun things you can try!

How To Build A Castle Dungeon – Minecraft

25) Minecraft Museum Build

The relationship between Minecraft and museums is actually pretty funny. In real life, there are actually a fair few Minecraft museums – seeing how popular the game became (currently the 4th most played game in history) it’s unsurprising to see several museums in the world include a section dedicated to Minecraft. 

Equally, in Minecraft, there are thousands of museums and museum servers. Some are even based on real museums. 

Thanks to the flexibility of Minecraft, you can recreate any historical buildings or objects. This lends itself well to creating virtual museums. There are some really fascinating Minecraft museum servers you should explore for inspiration too! This is a really fun Minecraft building idea to have a go at.

Minecraft: 10+ Museum Build Hacks & Ideas!

26) Minecraft Aquarium Build

Aquariums are a fun day out where you get to see as much aquatic life as you please. In Minecraft, there is actually a fair amount of aquatic mobs, so it makes sense to build an aquarium at some point. 

Of course, you’re going to need a lot of glass and buckets of water to build one, but it’s a thrilling project to take part in. 

Catching and moving aquatic mobs will be much more difficult though, so we recommend doing this one in creative mode and using the spawner eggs. 

Minecraft: How to Build an Aquarium

27) Tree Houses

minecraft building ideas, header, tree houses

Not many houses or building types are as cozy as a tree house. Minecraft is full of cool jungles and forests, so making a treehouse is super easy – and you’ll have as much space as you need. Just make sure you bring an axe!

You can build treehouses in an infinite number of styles. From small humble builds with a single platform in a giant tree, to epic, sprawling Minecraft treehouse cities that can host several guests and villagers. This is easily one of our favorite Minecraft ideas.

One tip, make sure you consider the danger of fire spreading. A single bolt of lightning could burn down your entire treehouse because of how flammable wood and leaf blocks are, so use a lightning rod to redirect any dangerous strikes. 

Minecraft | How to Build a Treehouse

28) Famous Landmarks

Famous Landmarks

Because Minecraft is so flexible and full of blocks, you can rebuild literally any famous landmark you can imagine. Ambitious projects like these can be a great way to improve your building and architectural skills, while also giving you a taste of the journey the original builders went through. 

Whether it’s the ancient pyramids, the grand canyon, the statue of liberty, or the Eiffel tower, every Minecraft lover should attempt to recreate their favorite landmarks at some point. 

Many of the most famous ones have been done before, so you should be able to find a tutorial online if you need some help. 

Minecraft Eiffel Tower Tutorial

29) Bridge

In a world full of ravines, rivers, cliffs, and canyons, bridges are an essential structure to navigate these deadly terrains. They’re also just a cool Minecraft building idea in general.

Besides the purpose of crossing a gap, bridges can look impressive and make for a refreshing build project. There are tons of bridge styles out there (so many we made a dedicated guide to Building Bridges In Minecraft). 

From the humble rope bridge to a mighty replica of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, to mighty Roman-style aqueducts, there are endless bridge styles to take inspiration from. 

Whether you are building it for fun or function, ensure you make your Minecraft bridge out of sturdy materials!

30) Minecraft Statue Build

Minecraft Statue Build

Just like the endless possibilities for creating 2D pixel art in Minecraft, it’s equally capable of creating realistic statues. This is a great Minecraft building idea to test your skills.

The amount of detail you go into is up to you – maybe you just want to build a basic statue of a creeper or sheep, or perhaps you want to build a magnificently detailed mega statue. 

Whatever kind of statue you want to make, you can rest assured that Minecraft has the capacity to be your virtual clay. This is another reason we love Minecraft so much – because it can be used as an artistic medium, it’s more than just a game. 

Minecraft Statue Tutorials

31) Beach House

If you could have any kind of house in real life, wouldn’t you choose a cool beach house? We would, so that’s why we’ve looked into a bunch of different beach house designs in Minecraft. 

You can build beach houses out of almost anything, but we think wood planks and sandstone blocks have an authentic style. Concrete is also a good choice, as it lets you add some color to your vacation house. 

The beaches in Minecraft are very satisfying to explore – and there are a few different biome types where beaches occur. So find a nice spot on a beach and build yourself a swaggy house on the beach. 

Minecraft | How to Build a Beach House

32) Underwater House

underwater house

Building an underwater house in Minecraft is something that everyone needs to try. Ok, so maybe the term “base” would be better than “house”, although I guess you could still call it a house. Either way, underwater buildings are a fun and futuristic challenge. 

Some cool underwater hotels in real life serve as good inspiration for this project. You could even build an entire village underwater.  

Obviously, we’ll suggest using a lot of glass in your underwater build so you can see out into the ocean depths. Building your underwater base near a coral reef will bring even more excitement and interest. 

Minecraft: How To Build the Ultimate Underwater Base Tutorial

33) Cool Nether Portal Builds

nether portal builds

Nether portals are another essential part of any true Minecraft experience. You might not know this, but you don’t have to build a nether portal with the standard 3×2 dimensions. So long as you build larger than this size, you can actually create nether portals as big as you want. 

This mechanic enables some epic nether portal builds. Rather than a small nether portal you can build a huge majestic one that intimidates any Minecraft player that sees it. 

Minecraft: 10 Nether Portal Designs That Are Out Of This (Over)world

34) Sky Factory

You might be wondering, “what even is a sky factory?” Well, it’s a factory in the sky… beyond that, there is actually a fantastic Minecraft mod: Sky Factory that brings a whole range of factory-based features to the game. 

This mod adds a bunch of new blocks, mechanics, automation, magic, and technology into the game. It also introduces some new world generation types for wacky worlds. 

The technology and automation in this mod pack let you create some really interesting factories and farms – all of which can run completely in floating sky factories. Check it out!

Minecraft SkyFactory Tutorial

35) Gas Station

While there are no cars in vanilla Minecraft, there are tons of mods that bring them into the game – as well as other gas-using vehicles. 

Whether you’re using the mods or not, you should still have a go at building a gas station. Gas stations are pretty easy to build, but still are an entertaining task to try. 

36) Horse Stables

The game was completely changed after the introduction of horses in Minecraft. We think this was one of the best additions to the game in recent years. 

Because of the mechanics of leads, you can literally train and tame as many horses as you want. After getting yourself a few trusty steeds, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them safe. 

A stable is a perfect solution for storing your horses. There are loads of different stable types. You could keep each horse in its own room, or you could keep them all in the same enclosure. Just make sure you have plenty of wheat around to keep them well-fed. 

Minecraft | How to Build a Horse Stable

37) Storage room

storage room

The longer you spend in a Minecraft world, the more items you’re going to collect. Over time, you can end up with a staggering amount of loot – both junk and treasure.

Storage rooms are super important if you’re playing survival Minecraft – particularly if you’re interested in tackling some large builds, as you’re going to need somewhere to store all your resources. 

Organization is the key to successful storage rooms. You could sort your chests alphabetically, or group them based on block and item types. Either way, make sure you arrange your chests and items in a way that makes it quick and easy for you to find the things you need!

How To Build a Storage Room With Automatic Sorter in Minecraft

38) Brewery

There’s nothing better than a cold pint of Minecraftian beer after a long day of mining. Breweries and pubs are great places to relax with your Minecraft friends after digging around in the dirt for diamonds

You can include a bunch of potion-brewing tools and ingredients for people to brew their own drinks. Although, for the professional beer tastes in the Minecraft community, we recommend you check out the classic Drink Beer Minecraft Mod.

Just don’t drink and drive a minecart or horse…

Minecraft: How to Build an Ultimate Brewing House

39) Floating Sky Base / Blimp

Floating Sky Base

While much of Minecraft takes place underground, it’s equally well suited for enjoying adventures in the sky.

Building a sky base is an entertaining (yet challenging) activity that can give really cool results. You will need to consider a couple of things, for example, how are you going to get up and down?

Using command block teleporters can make this really easy, although you could always just use a classic ladder system. 

There are also some cool flying and airplane mods out there that make sky bases even more powerful. 

Minecraft: 10 Sky Base Designs To Give You A Rush

40) A Roller Coaster with Minecarts

Roller Coaster with Minecarts

Weeeeeee! Building roller coasters in Minecraft is almost as fun as riding them in real life, although it might make you feel sick too. 

Minecarts and minecart tracks are very flexible, and can literally be used to make any kind of roller coaster system imaginable. While they are typically used as a quick transport system, you can get creative with them and create roller coasters for Minecraft adrenaline seekers. 

Get familiar with the different types of minecart rails and how they interact with Redstone. You can actually build some really complicated systems with interactive features. Check out things like boost rails, detector rails, and activator rails. 

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Roller Coaster “Fair Part 15”

41) Graveyard and Cathedral

OooOoOOo! Spooky! Minecraft is full of dead undead mobs: zombies, skeletons, and withers. Any of these could kill adventurers and put them six feet under. 

Building a graveyard to respect all the fallen heroes of Minecraft is a good way to spice up your world and get players feeling spooked out. 

No graveyard is complete without an accompanying church or cathedral, which in itself is a fascinating project to build. You could even build an underground crypt filled with skeletons!

Church and Graveyard | Minecraft Ideas

42) Theme Park

minecraft building ideas, theme park

Although Minecraft is fun enough on its own, you could always use an exotic theme park to get your heart racing. 

Many of the mechanics in Minecraft let you build fully working elements that you find in real theme parks, like slides, helter-skelters, and of course, roller coasters. 

If you’re not too savvy on redstone and command blocks, there are loads of tutorials you can follow to get the hard work done for you!

Theme Park In Survival Minecraft!

43) Hotel

Hotels are a great place to stay in real life, so why not make your very own 5-star Minecraft hotel? You could fill it with all the fancy decorations and multiple layers that are common in real hotels. 

For a bit of extra excitement, put a few hidden rooms and passages in the hotel to give players a sense of mystery. 

You can build hotels in a modern style, or something more classical – the choice is yours!

Minecraft Beach Resort | Hotels, Pools, Yachts, Water Huts & More! | Full Build Tour!

44) Recreate Your Favorite Song With Music Blocks

Minecraft is more than just a game for building buildings. Thanks to some of the items and Redstone technology, you can actually use Minecraft to play any song you can imagine. 

These kinds of projects are really fun for music lovers, and many people have put their creativity to the test to recreate classic songs in Minecraft – just watch a YouTube video tutorial to see what can be done. 

It all revolves around Note Blocks. These blocks, when activated by a Redstone signal, emit a musical note or noise. You can change the sound produced by placing certain blocks underneath the Note Block, some make drum sounds, and others change the instrumental sound. You can also change the note produced by the Note Block.

Using Redstone and timers, you can sequence the activation of these Note Blocks to create perfect copies of famous songs – although be prepared to spend hours tweaking it. 

You can even use these to build things like a pressure plate activated piano, or an alarm system. Make sure you spend some time experimenting with note blocks to find out all their possibilities. 

How to Build Any Song with Note Blocks in Minecraft

45) Swimming pool

swimming pool

Swimming is another fun activity in Minecraft, so building a pool is a great idea. 

Just like in real life, there is essentially an infinite number of swimming pool designs you can build. 

Maybe you just want a basic rectangular pool, or you might even want something more spectacular with islands, rivers, and palm trees. 

Another fun addition is a diving board…

Minecraft | Easy Pool Design #2 | Tutorial (You Can Build)

46) Diving board

Diving boards are an exciting build, where you can enjoy the thrills of diving into a pool ( or maybe missing and falling to your death). Although they can also be useful and have a functional purpose, particularly if you’ve built a floating base. 

Building a diving board can help you to get down from high spaces safely. Or you and your friends can do tricks off them and dive into the ocean, a river, or a pool. 

These are pretty easy to build because all you need are some blocks to build vertically, and of course, ladders so you can easily climb back up and jump down again!

How to Build a Bouncy Diving Board – Minecraft

47) Skyscraper


While vanilla Minecraft has a generally medieval/fantasy aesthetic, you aren’t limited in what you can build thanks to the creative freedom offered by such a large choice of building blocks.

Skyscrapers are stunning in real life, and there are so many cool things out there to inspire you each with unique architectural styles. Everyone should try to build a skyscraper in Minecraft at some point, although make sure you bring boots with a Feather Falling enchantment to protect you from falling damage. 

When you get good at making tall building designs, you could build an entire city, although be prepared to not see sunlight IRL for a while… Just be prepared to harvest a lot of clay and sand to make concrete and glass. You’ll need glass to let natural light come in.

Concrete is one of the best materials to use for walls. Because concrete powder is affected by gravity, you can build the four corners, then use the powder to fill the walls in from the top of the tower, without having to manually place each layer. This will save you a lot of time. Then just run some water down the edges to turn the concrete powder into solid concrete. Don’t forget you can dye concrete any color you want!

Minecraft Skyscraper Tutorials

48) Parkour maps

Do any other games have the possibility to contain such a large number of mini-games as Minecraft? We don’t think so…

Parkour (aka free running) is one of the most popular mini-games in Minecraft. This high-octane, skill-based agility race is a great way to test your traversal skills. 

Building a parkour map is a lot of fun if you are creative and into parkour. If you do a good job you could even send it to a parkour server and they might include it in their map selection. 

Due to movement mechanics in Minecraft, several design caveats need to be considered to ensure your course is completable. 

How to make a good parkour map – Minecraft tutorial

49) Experimental laboratory

Minecraft is a game that lends itself perfectly to science and experimentation. 

There are so many different systems and mechanics which you should experiment with in Minecraft. From Redstone to TNT, from mobs to minecarts – or even a combination of all four!

Having a large and controlled space to carry out your Minecraft experiments can be a game changer. Rather than working in the chaotic environment above ground, or even in a cave, building your own scientific laboratory gives you the space you need to experiment with the wonderful sciences of Minecraft. 

You can also decorate the space to give it a more professional aesthetic – for example, we think the clinical, clean look of white concrete gives a laboratory the perfect look. Remember, more space is better for this type of Minecraft build.   

Minecraft: 30+ Laboratory Build Hacks!

50) Observatory

minecraft observatory

The night sky in Minecraft is deceptively cleverly designed, and equally as beautiful. You may not know this, but the Minecraft sky at night is actually filled with stars and constellations. It isn’t randomly generated and is actually handmade and fixed. 

For example, if you get lost, there is actually a specific star that points north, dubbed Minecraft’s own “North Star”. 

With that said, you can use this to build an observatory high up in the hills to watch the night sky. Maybe you could base it on real observatories – just make sure you include the iconic domed roof that most of them use. 

Minecraft – Observatory Tutorial (How to Build)

While vanilla Minecraft only has the basic spyglass item for zooming in, there are actually some really cool mods for enhancing your star-gazing experience.

51) Maze

minecraft maze

Minecraft is a game full of mystery and puzzles. So what better concept to contribute to the world than a puzzling maze? 

Building mazes is a lot of fun if you are playing on a multiplayer server. Just make sure that people don’t break the walls down. If you have operator status in the server, you should build your maze out of bedrock to protect it from being destroyed. although equally, you could protect your build work with server commands

If you have the mental creativity to design your own maze from scratch that can be very cool. Although if not, don–t worry because thousands of real-life mazes (or even fantasy puzzle mazes in the newspaper) can inspire your maze design.

10 Tips for Maze Building (in Minecraft)

52) Fishing Outpost on a Desert Island

Spawning on a desert island can be a fun challenge in Minecraft, much like doing the sky-block mini-game. While it can be stressful due to resource limitations, it can also be a cool thing to include in your server or survival world. 

Relaxing on a desert island IRL is also a sweet activity, so making a tropical desert island in Minecraft is an entertaining task. You could find a small island to start on, otherwise, you’ll have to build it from scratch, which will take up a lot of blocks if you start building up from the ocean floor. 

You could fill it with palm trees, and even put a dock to go fishing on. The “Stranded” mini-game is a popular one in Minecraft and is one of our favorites. 

Minecraft Fishing Hut | Build Tutorial

Closing Thoughts

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for quick reference the next time you need some cool Minecraft building ideas!

With a list this long you’ll be able to keep yourself busy for months. Remember, if you are new to Minecraft then it’s better to start with the basic projects to learn the fundamentals. If you try to tackle something too large in your early days then you might find yourself getting overwhelmed.

Good luck with whatever you plan on building, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!