Modern Warfare 2, Nintendo the best sellers of 2009

Correlated NPD, GfK Chart-Track and Enterbrain 2009 data, unsurprisingly, have crowned Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 as the best-selling game of 2009. By far.

The Infinity Ward-developed blockbuster sold through 11.86 million copies (that’s 8.82 million US, 2.8 million UK and 237,500 in Japan) across the three platforms it was released on in early November. Following MW2 was a Nintendo title, a Nintendo title, a Nintendo title and, yes, a Nintendo title.

Wii Sports Resort sold through 7.57 million copies (4.54m US/1.54m Japan/1.49m UK) with New Super Mario Bros. Wii clipping at its heels with 7.41 million (4.23m US/2.49m Japan/687,300 UK).

Fourth and fifth places were held by Wii Fit Plus with 5.8 million (3.53m US/1.30m Japan/968,300 UK) and Wii Fit with 5.44 million (3.60m US/1.25m UK/588,300 Japan) units.