Sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii will “shock”

In his second sales prediction of the day, the first one being about Modern Warfare 2, industry crystal ball Michael Pachter reckons the sales of Nintendo’s upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii will “shock.”

“This game defines the NintenDad, it defines him,” the Wedbush analyst said on Bonus Round. “So yeah the bored housewife bought WiiFit to get in shape and do yoga [but] this is the first game that I’ve seen on any Nintendo system that’s complete throwback that I can play with my kids. As a NintenDad, I’m psyched to play this game.”

Pachter notes that the attach rate doesn’t need to be big at all considering there are 60 million Wiis out there and, while not dishing out an exact number, predicts, “It’s gonna shock you how many units that thing sells.”