Red Steel 2’s success “absolutely crucial”

How well Ubisoft’s first-person shooter/slasher Red Steel 2 is received as it releases next month will be “absolutely crucial” for the series’ continuation, creative director Jason VandenBerghe says.

Speaking at an event in London last week, VandenBerghe said there will be no Red Steel 3 should the follow-up to the Wii launch title not fare well in the eyes of the fans.

“It was clear from the beginning we had to succeed. It was absolutely crucial,” he explained. “It was obvious that, if Red Steel 2 came out and it was not well-received by the fans, we were done. There would be no Red Steel 3. There would be no point in continuing that: Once is an offense, twice is a pattern.”

Being honest about that, Vandenberghe says, “made it very easy for me to focus the team on the quality of the gameplay, and to receive 100% support on that from Ubisoft from top to bottom.”